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Official Fidget Cube ple can not understand, that is, the two are wrong, who knows However, this paper is not Ronger children, Ronger do not believe in spirits, these strange power of chaos of God things, especially disgusted, is not going to seek what Fuzhi. Shen Tang feel cold hands and feet, a heart surmise uneasy, Cangwu hospital portal has always been not very tight, if this paper is today the ultimate goal of this farce, that fidget cube discount code they have to think about a good way to deal with. She is from the impatient, but listen to the old lady, Puchi laughed loudly, her tone is very dissatisfied, Fangniang, you have always been reliable, how can this one again and official fidget cube again joke to this Twisted, do not see what stuff, but the back is not clearly written two words repellent it Shen Tang busy official fidget cube looking up, and sure enough the back of the character has a touch of two Xiaozhuan, it is the word insect repellent, her mind could not help a loose, gently to Joe Mama glanced to go, I saw her face some surprise , The eyes there is a flash of doubts. This character, is intended to be used as a weapon against Ronger, but somehow, but was the hands and feet, so Joe Mama or who behind her, lost count. Shen Tong mind wry fidget cube sale up, eyes sharp again a bit, Joe Mammy, but just a charge, and that behind the heart of the person can be called vicious, if Ronger was buckled on the line of witchcraft things hat, This life will be considered finished. The old lady s tone was both anxious and intolerant, Fang Niang, also fou.. If Yongning Bofu is no longer so important to Shen, Qin also lost her value, in the old lady s heart, her family is important, but still can not re off their children and grandchildren. Between the twinkling of an eye, has been in July. Bisheng busy outside the command of the little girl who will be ice library that brought the ice moved to Shen Tong s bedroom and study, hey, slow some, remember to be cautious, this ice is rare, you can Jinui, Mo To be wasted, ah Shen Tang saw her a housewife s appearance, could not help laughing out, but a few pieces of ice fills, it is worth your treasure so heavy it Bisheng Pielepiezui, Miss put it light, the capital that day is so hot, if less of these pieces of ice, you have to boil Khan.If not Houfu underground open icehouse, how can there be so many ice Now you can sell the price of ice outside the 22 pieces of silver it Twenty two silver, this is BiSheng such a big girl a month s money, nature is not a small number. Shen Tang thought, Biluo Lane over there, you can have ice Bi traces said, Miss laugh it, ice and other fine things that are unusual for the official home also do not have access, Biluo Lane, where it will be how to spend it Shen Tong thought, I will share some of the copies, and then you think of a way to send some to Biluo Lane.Wen Qing in that reading, this day is too hot, if there is no ice, and how to see into Wen Qing is the brother of Wenxiu. Bisheng s mouth immediately flat down, Miss Wen embroid.

the list was, waiting for the emperor and the Prince of selection.Emperor also specifically mentioned My grandfather, grandmother, you say, grandfather should be how to deal with is good Prince s mother family forces weak, if the future Prince to sit tight in the Council, a strong wife is also essential. Although the DPRK in the Xun expensive, but can be described as a powerful but only Yongning Bo Qin, Taian Hou Mo, Wei North Houlin and An Yuan Hou Shen. This is a great opportunity to become a royal family, official fidget cube but for Shen, but some subtle. Shen has been out of a right wing apse of the imperial concubine, and then if a crown princess, then too powerful wife even though the moment to help the official fidget cube Prince a firm foothold, so Prince stabilized after the power has been It became the greatest resistance, his first to weaken, is his wife. Grandfather is a wily politician, of which the severity of his natural well aware. Shen Tong gently smile, my grandfather naturally thanked the emperor s good intentions, Tang children right Shen Qian heard laughing, he could not help but nod, Sure enough, I Shen Qian s granddaughter, yes, I will answer the granddaughter on the spot young, not yet, and Prince is not commensurate, thanked the emperor s good intentions. His words changed, the tone of the show a bit sharp, but the emperor was Road, this is the first Prince to Princess election, married to be later, so even if the age of a few years old, it anyway. I refuse to decline. this is to fidget cube adults see the outside, and we are flesh and blood, aunt sent a nephew to my nephew birthday ceremony Bale. This is your second uncle s big cousin Shen Tang, this is the second cousin Shen Rong, in the past have seen, I do not know Mu children you can have the impression Zhao Mu busy Road, back to the Baihua Hui, and chen cousin sitting near, although I am older than his cousin, but talked about very well, just today, cousin came, and so will go to my Palace, and I can have a good chat. He looked toward the Shen Tang, has long been listening to the mother talked about, the second uncle had official fidget cube an angel like cousin home, but since childhood is not in the capital, so they have not seen too much. Mother is official fidget cube right, we are flesh and blood Relatives, after the cousin often have to walk in and around. To the recommended time Click on the right of the train can reach the fridge cube wine rhyme rhyme Chapter 61 Ailments Last Updated 2011 9 17 13 28 11 words 2232 Shen Tang Fu a blessing the body, shallow smiles, Yes. She looked in vain to the front of official fidget cube the three princes Zhao Mu, he was wearing a blue embroidered bamboo Obscure Jin Pao, waist satin satin white jade girdle, wearing the head of the eight treasures of the purple crown , Looks somewhat similar with the imperial concubine, but the star eyebrow sword head, eyebrows own a fortitude of the gas. This masculine man, even able to make such a Juanxiu under the Hibiscus map to the painting, down some meaning. If not he still h., if not because of the Buddhist net, the powder will be self defense that spilled out, but now, she had to swallow life and life to anger back. There was a calm smile on her face, please, please. This time, she turned to leave, and then ignore the men behind the purple clamor provocation. Until fidget cube release date her figure disappeared completely, purple man half lost half is puzzled and murmured, I This is how the The twenty sixth chapter drowned Updated 2011 8 25 8 00 06 words 2230 And so go far, Shen Tang looked back at the quiet static elders of the Zen, Kongkuo Youyuan, quiet and serene, as if never had had just that with the purple boy dialogue in general. Although it is to go out, but her mind is still some worry and annoyance, do not know what that purple boy in the end is what the future, if he will be the day with Qin Yan s exaggeration everywhere, then how to it is good. Shen Tong s brow micro wrinkles, glanced up, just to see just call the static elders of the small sand after the Mi Mi, the hearts suddenly have an idea, then to the small sand Mi Mi waved. Small sandy Mi trotted over, see Shen Tang, they asked, is the Shen donor ah, the abbot and the static abbot of the elders fidget cube sale have something to do with the business, for fear of fidget cube on amazon a moment to come back, the elders just let me give you take along So that official fidget cube you do not have to wait for him in the Buddhist temple. Shen Tang asked, What is the matter Little Abbot touched his head, abbot abbot did not say. Shen Tang n.

Official Fidget Cube er waiting. Looking at the back of Shen Rong, Shen Tong s smile a little thicker, she and Shen Rong, although a child born out of twins, but she was born with past life memories, be looked at him grew up , And now he will run for a better future, her mood is like a mother to see his son into the general, laughing in the face, sweet in the heart. She is spontaneous stunned, Bi scratches from the hurry to rush, Miss, Campanulaceae sister to pass, the old lady to pass you Shen Tang asked, What do you know official fidget cube Bi Zhi shook his head, asked sister Campanulaceae, but she only said to be a good thing, as is a good thing, no longer asked to come out. Shen Tang nodded his head, then with the Bi mark to the direction of the Yishou Yuan. From Shen Rong s Cangwu hospital to grandmother s Yishou Yuan, not too far, just follow the back garden that long cobblestone path, through the big brother Shen Feng s deer hospital, and then is home to Shen Zi Yan, Shen Zi Shu and Si Mei Shen Zi Yu s Fairview official fidget cube Park, and then take a 50 step, then to the. Shen Tong as usual, unhurried to walk, heart but secretly thought, grandmother sent a bellflower to call her, in the end what happened, she count the number of recent happenings, in addition to meet the Baihua Hui The piece of painting posted on the outside, and there is no one worth official fidget cube mentioning. She is from the strange, suddenly heard next to the rockery came the bursts of trained, trained, crying, she could not help stopped. Who Bi marks alr.eng figure, then hastily ran in the past, Miss, are you okay Shen Tang said with a smile, I have nothing. Miss Cao An Jin home yet Bi and Shen Shen was unharmed, finally sighed, she nodded, Master and I will be returned to Cao Cao Cao Fu House, the young master will go, I was dragged down by Mrs. Cao, She seems to be very curious about the lady thing, ask this question that, delay a lot of time. When I hurry back, the Gyeonggi Province has blocked the Qingfeng floor, everywhere in the people. I had to go back to the House. She said in a whisper, I heard everywhere in the South Street, some people say, the Prince of fear of the three princes, so he pushed down from the Qingfenglou, three fidget cube discount Prince was seriously injured, Prince Edward has blatantly left. Shen Tang pondered nodded, so I said after the bath. At this point has been a fidget cube reselling small summer heat heavy, busy all day, she just felt all over official fidget cube the sticky is imperative, is to make themselves clean and comfortable some. And so she will take care of their own fidget cube release clean, has been approaching the child. Before long, Shen Rong came. Since the last time Shen Rong Yungui Yuen will be the door of the door after the kick, the bay gate guard door girl will no longer access control for him, no matter what time, as long official fidget cube as the two young master, the gateway to the garden is naturally open for him. Shen Rong s face and not see dignified, sister, three princes have woke up, after seeing the doctor said, although the frightened, need t.