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Fidget Cube Youtube f my heart, tang children do not have modesty. Since the imperial concubine has said so, and then will only provoke her to abuse Dudo unhappy, Shen Tong had to fidget cube for sale bite fidget cube youtube the bullet and said, In order to empress and Shen s sake, Tang children should do. Imperial concubine smiled and nodded, Yes, you and me as Shen s entropy eldest daughter, since when for Shen s future spared no efforts. Suddenly, she sighed softly, the subject of a turn, the emperor of the late Queen s Empress a deep, repeatedly blocked the ministries of power please canonize the new posthumous words, pour the embarrassment of the house up. Said the emperor of the Palace of the ruthless, it is not right, the palace has been expensive for fidget cube youtube the Royal Concubine, after the command palace, in charge where can i buy a fidget cube of the palace should be a business, the emperor s reward never indispensable, but in the end were not untrue, Your two cousins are in a difficult position. Shen Tang heart jump, imperial concubine s remarks are too straightforward, though it is to tell her mind, but it should not tell her a younger generation. She did not know how to take a moment, only to droop his head thinking of breaking the law. But the imperial fidget cube many colors available concubine did not give her more time to think, her voice some deep, word for word to ask Shen Tang, Tang children, you may be willing to give the house as a partner, let s nephew together, afraid not to reverse the universe Shen Tang temporarily stagnated, she did not know the royal concubine sa.n of Jade Hairpin out Shen Tang s mouth slightly tilted, just think that this hairpin delicate and elegant, together his mind, this wear out, turned out to be actually inlaid treasure of things, no wonder these days Shen Zi Yan on their own, fidget cube youtube more unfriendly. She still smiled, but with a tone of surprise, Sister you will not make a mistake, right When the father came to the makeup box, only to say that the gadgets brought back south, so I casually wearing play, Is the treasure chest out of the hairpin it Shen Zi Yan bitterly authentic, I knew you do not know what the goods, and hateful dad to take such fidget cube for sensory kids a good hairpin to you. Purple Shu in the side of the road, Jiangnan inlay Pavilion is the best jewelry shop Zhou Dynasty, inlaid treasure every jewelry out of the Court are uncompromising attention to the priceless, the most important thing is that even if the money is also Daddy only got a pair of warm jade bracelets this time, an emerald flower hairpin, bracelet is a long time ago Niangqin, but this hairpin even skipped our sister, to you Shen Tang Mouguang a move, the original was actually the case, but she did not Shen Hao was suddenly moved by the father. She just felt funny, but it is a hairpin only, even if expensive, on the Anyuan Houfu, it is nothing, even so Shen Ziyan two sisters so intervened. Sister Purple Yu shook Shen some of the sleeves of the sleeves. Shen Tong turned around and washed her dough smile, I heard Simei like to eat Sophora c.

sweet. Bi marks to see her look, not help suddenly realized, Miss will not be you Shen Tong laughed without fidget cube fidget cube words, to the kitchen, so Bi Sheng to us to make copies of dim sum, ah, we must Heyaobaofan good, go Bi Xie smile to go away. Shen Tang think of the share of the medical record still left on the table, could not help laughing. Nanyang princess joint swelling and pain, severe pain, urinary blood lead to syncope, in fact, should be a serious kind of wealth disease, gout and then cause renal failure and cardiovascular congestion. As long as the use of nine tea, notoginseng, bezoar, pearl powder, peony rattan, Achyranthes bidentata, drilling wind, the first analgesic anti inflammatory, and then supplementary diet and acupuncture decoction, slowly convalescence, there will be no life threatening. Imperial physicians do not know the disease, but also dare not use strong medicine, fidget cube youtube only precious tonic hanging Nanyang Princess s life, which will be more aggravated her condition. Their only made the drug into a pill, and then let the Ronger went out to find a large sum of money to visit the monk, went to Nanyang Palace Bale. Imperial physicians see the pill is valid, will be prescription, it will naturally know the real Nanyang Princess of the disease, the acupuncture acupuncture, the drug deposited the drug, the process behind the natural need not worry. Struggling to save the Nanyang princess shot, but also not just to remind the day of Aunt It seems that something more Gorgeous Split Line Thanks Cong Cong baby s reward, your support is my driving force Today is the second to send Continue to seek votes, a pink vote, recommend tickets to enjoy the children s shoes ye uu it The thirty fifth chapter visitors Last updated 2011 9 2 8 00 03 words 2364 Shen Tang came out from the Ming Court, then went straight back to the bay. Bi Sheng heard the news, hastily greeted out, Miss, you can come back Quan Shu have personally come to urge twice, and said Houye urgent to find you Shen Tong squint squint, we can see my grandfather to fidget cube youtube find me, what is it Pisheng shook his head, Quan Shu s tone can be tight, you do not know, but his face looks a little strange, it seems fidget cube youtube not a simple matter, you go Shen Tong smiled and squeezed a Bi Sheng, As the saying goes, the emperor is not anxious eunuchs urgent, which probably means that we home Bi Sheng. Well, your injury is not good through, the go to rest Although Bi Sheng has been able to move up and move around, but in the end by so much injury, even if some foundation, but also as a result of such extravagance, her heart is also clear this point, so listen to Shen Tong said, they obediently into their own Of the room. Bi marks for Shen Tong re entire clothes, and then with the Shen Tang behind, to Qian Qian s study went, while walking, while worrying authentic, recently Houye find you more and more frequently, and this is not what Bad fidget cube uk things, but Yi Xian.every time. Bi marks side of the side of the side of the recalled memories, think of the young lady and master to fight back the eat noodles, but also a look of happiness to the uncle said, this noodles taste good, how do you cook some uncle She could not help laughing. Shen Tang s face is also showing a smile, but soon they were replaced by a strong tragedy, she low authentic, I and Rong Er although lost his mother since childhood, his father, but also just a name only , There might as well be no such, we should have been lonely, but the uncle has let us have been very happy life since the uncle is not, this birthday is the fidget cube youtube most I do not want to live the day.No uncle cooked noodles , The birthday will be my mother s Good Friday, so it. She had come to Anyuan Hou House, has been two birthdays, even if the delicacies, costumes and beauty in front of the United States, she fidget cube kickstarter for sale does not feel any good happy, the stage is high, playing and singing, , Bustling, she only fidget cube youtube felt cold. Bi scratched his forehead gently helped Shen Tong s arm, said with a smile, uncle master in the days of a spirit, would not want to see Miss so sad. If miss really want to try again under the uncle of the noodles Taste, then let the cook is not good at me, give you a bowl, you taste the taste, it is a masterpiece when the uncle master strike Shen fidget cube youtube Tong was her amused smile, said, you and Bi Sheng, although not siblings, but since childhood together, with the rest of the same fidget cube youtube interest rate, how.

Fidget Cube Youtube nately serious and honest, not to mention, her mother is still poor when Laurel Park, I will not be afraid of fidget cube youtube her whole unitary moth out, etc. Ronger came, Cangwu hospital will let her look after it. This is just the next, Campanulaceae but turn over, but this time it is to pass the message, Mrs Tai An Hou, Yong Ningbo wife fidget cube where to purchase came, the old lady, please see the eldest of the past. Shen Tang whole dress clothes bun, see everywhere have been properly, had just with Bi scars, followed by Campanulaceae to the Yi life. Tai an fidget cube kickstarter Hou and Yongning Bo to the wise Church to see Houye to go, and Taian Hou and Mrs. Yong Ningbo will come to the old lady to please the security of the old lady. At the end, and quietly make up the sentence, Taian Hou family out of a Prince Liang Yuan, Taian Hou lady can be satisfied, that is, in the presence of the old lady s face, these words outside, no less ridicule big lady. Shen Tong s brow slightly picked. Aunt Mo from Taian fidget cube youtube Hou House, but with Taian Hou is not a mother compatriot. Taian Hou s mother is the old Tai an Hou s wife, gave birth to Taian Hou not long after he died. Mo s mother but following the room, but also for the old Taian Hou gave birth to a number of children, the old Taian Hou alive, there have been several times almost waste Li Shi son. As a result, Taian Hou and stepmother and several siblings of the relationship between the sibling is not good. She was pondering, and unknowingly went to the Yishou Park. The old lady.ffed meat, ah, there are large bone soup Shen Rong said they would clamor for Shuangfu to send a large kitchen to remove the copies of the case, and then bring their own Bisheng food on the table, hands and feet deftly cloth their own good dishes, made a Please posture, angered Tang Tong could not help but laugh out. She spoiled her daughter to take the child toss his brother, and then again is funny is shaking his head and said, Look at your little monkey general appearance, where like a bedridden frail man Shen Rong fidget cube target grumbled, I was not what disease Sicko, in front of them all day long enough to have been tired, and not in front of their own sister can not relax and relax Saying, sister, fidget cube youtube in the end when I can not continue to feel oppressed In this small side of the house ah I listen to Big Brother talking about the outside world, really feel very funny Shen Tang smiled and scraped his nose scraping, sister know you Zhuangzougei wronged you, but before we do not have no way You will force things, can not let anyone know, but if an ordinary child, How can withstand Qin so many times of the murderous, and still jumping You worry, my sister has been a good way, but it takes time to wait for the time comes, you do not have to play sick sow Good Shen Rong jumped up, pulling her sister s sleeve like a baby. Shen Tong reluctantly shook his head, his brother though sensible, but still just a 12 year old child, so long let him carry so much, she could not bear. Side o.