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Fidget Cube With Different Colors guing sound, kick the door sound, Bi scar to be out to see, just to push the door, Tong s door was violently pushed out from the outside, come almost hit with her face. Shen Tong looked up is Shen Rong, then down the couch, love authentic, What happened, so my house Ronger are so panic fidget cube on prime Shen Rong s face reddish, who has a touch of alcohol, but his brow is filled with anxiety, he looked carefully from top to bottom Shen Tang, see her well, Fang relieved, I Just go back to the House, I heard people quietly under the argument that the Laurel is out of trouble, I ordered the double blessing to ask them what happened in the end, but no longer ask, I worry about her sister, they will regardless of regardless of flying Run over, but why the time to lock the laurel garden, the gatekeeper did not know that the woman is going on, life and death do not give me the door, really anxious me, and I can not do fidget cube relief anxiety stress anything, they had to kick the door kicked open The original ring that is because Shen Rong flustered open the door. Shen Tang Puchi smile, my door, but the mahogany of the cast, worth a lot of money, so you kick down, you can spend a lot of money to repair, that repair the door of the money, then deducted from your case. Shen Rong see his sister at the moment there are thoughts and their own joke, they know things have passed, but he still unwilling, every time he fidget cube shop is in danger, the sister will accompany him, and her sister in crisis, he is not around her. His eyes we.riosity fidget cube with different colors asked, is the name of the world full of Cao adults who live in Bachelor Lane Bi Sheng laughed, it seems that Cao s fame really was named when the world four words, even Sun Mummy know him. Sun Momo some emotion, when the old man still in the time, I have served him a few days. Laotaiye laughing with Hongru, between the non Dingding, and left several proud disciples living at home, at home Even the servants of our slaves, who listened to them all day long, have been mourning for a long time, and how many can read about the two saints quotations. Shen Tang nodded his head, Sun Mama received the influence of the public mountains, on the idea of knowledge, naturally can not take her as an ordinary servant of view, for admiration of the writer, know Cao adults but also not surprising. She asked tentatively. Mother, who had been with her grandfather, knew his six disciples. Sun Momi brow micro wrinkles, tone will be some hesitation, speaking, the old man fidget cube with different colors under the original seat is seven disciples, fidget cube with different colors but one The ninety third chapter of the original Shen Tang heart faint speculation, but still curious to ask, has always been heard only outside the grandfather had only six disciples, where the seventh to Mother, and soon this matter and Tang children listen to stop. Sun Mama s voice micro Dayton, the surface of the expression will be slightly heavier, she sighed and said, That thing has passed for 30 years, when the old man in Huainan Fangfu casual casua.

s point of view, the affair is both Yongningbo surrender, but also hidden threats. fidget cube online Shen Tang convergence of the convergence of God, said, the matter and Mo to control it, grandfather sent four Guiwei. She gave lowly to the four Guiwei just, softly, Since the grandfather favored, will you give me Since then, you have to respect me as the main, but my life is from. Guiwei bow, both said, willing. Shen Tang s eyes slowly fell on them, at this time Guifeng have been put down the fidget cube with different colors face towel, look like about in fidget cube with different colors his early twenties, looks are not bad, she nodded, Since you are after me The name of the Lord, the former will be thrown from the bar.Since then, you fidget cube discount will follow my surname Shen, the universe mysterious yellow is your name. Her voice was soft, but with a natural dignity. His four former secretly secreted Shen Guiwei, official fidget cube no name, only the number called, ghost 13, ghost twenty seven, so and so, then suddenly got the name, but also emotion is excited , And sometimes even the sound is also some trembling, under the master name thanks to Xie. Shen Tang nodded his head, Bi Bi and Bi Sheng but my right hand, if there is anything in the future, you will find her two. And since then, the two of you go to secretly protect the two young master strike. By her point to the Xuan Huang two temporary hesitation, is to protect the eldest. Shen Tong brow slightly pick, the tone will be cold down, it is Houye order, but to protect the two young master is my order. Is how to.d seedling, but Fang Mingxuan fidget cube with different colors see two girl and Shen Tang age quite, they put the two to Shen Tang for the maidservants, and From the boy to pick a double blessing to Shen Rong, four of them, Fang Mingxuan had more hard training. Two years ago, Fang Mingxuan received the secret mission of the emperor, left Huainan, put the siblings entrusted to his painstaking efforts to cultivate the four. Fang Mingxuan said before leaving the emperor s task is very simple, but a come back on the matter, but unexpectedly, Shen Tang sister back is uncle broken corpse. Later, Ann Yuan Hou fidget cube with different colors Qian Qian, Shen Tong sister s grandfather learned of the news, they sent to take their siblings back to the capital An Yuanhou House. Originally, they are unwilling. Then how the mother died, Shen Tang vividly, the mother died, the uncle will come back to their siblings Huainan, and An Yuan Hou House Shen, because the loss, but also did not stop, they siblings long Not to themselves as the children of Shen, and even some of the Shen there are so hatred. Moreover, the uncle did not marry life, dedicated to raising their siblings. Now the uncle did not, it should be the two of fidget cube with different colors them to provoke the Fang s portal, this time, how can they walk away, back to the capital of Anyuan Houfu it However, the uncle s death like doubt, the uncles body to bring back the Tsing Yi Wei, the next fidget cube order day also disappeared, even the cause and effect have not been given. So, she still took his brother back here. An Yuan.n. Shen Tang imperial exhortations of the thought, gently authentic, Goddess said, but the labor of God, slightly tired, not hindered. Shen Qian slightly Yi Tan, difficult for her. This tone of pity, so that the hearts of a slightly acidic Shen Tong. She suddenly remembered Shen Hao, he should never have been worried about her, right But think of Shen Hao s man, she suddenly relieved, and some glad he never had better than their own. If he fidget cube instructions is too good to her, when she would not bear it But she could not bear Shen Hao, Niangqin is the biggest cruel. She whole look, these emotions should not appear to do all restraint, and then micro condensate face, hesitated authentic, Tang children kept a doubt in mind, but also have some speculation, but I do not know right or wrong, grandfather can Tang Er to the doubts Shen Qian Shen rare to see the face so solemn, the hearts of a tight, busy, You said to. Shen Tang, one word to consider, the emperor at the prime of life, Prince Edward also just barely the crown, the future there is time for the Prince to slowly support the loyalty of the Ministry of culture, but why the emperor would choose this opportunity for me to start with Shen Shen Qian stroked the long to be, pondered a long while, Tong children can be seen, the first queen is not the emperor s knot wife Shen Tong micro startled, and most of the subjects of the fidget cube with different colors Zhou Dynasty, she only knew that the first queen from Xichang Monteggia, but not a direct support, no br.

Fidget Cube With Different Colors ple, it was happy that some people worry, but the day is still quickly set it down. On July 26, it was a bit more urgent. But fortunately Hou Yuanhou financial rich, the marriage matters have Shen Qian personally inspectors, but a few days will Hou House up and down a new layout, Rongfu princess in the future to live Fangfei hospital also pack a festive. Bi Sheng came back from the Dan Qingyuan, fidget cube with different colors a door will be seen in the book before Shen Tong painted painting, she asked curiously, Miss, I see you these days a little bit on the paper circle, but also Did not draw a reason why, which in the end is to do Shen Tang put down the pen in hand, said with a smile, I just where can i buy a fidget cube idle without incident, put the minds of the thoughts are written down Bale.How kind, the young master okay Bi Sheng mouth muttering, This paper on how to draw with the ghost draw a general, stunned to let a person can not understand. But she muttered go muttering, the fidget cube with different colors back, but it is not vague, I went to the time, young master is buried in reading the art of war, warm snow, said the young master of the past few days so, how to say do not listen, Miss excerpt from the medical book of prescription, I gave the young master, the young fidget cube with different colors master smiled and accepted, and he said, so the left arm well, take you to the hunting grounds outside the city, so you see his full Bow when the appearance. Tang Tong s face faint smile, Big Brother s injury has stabilized, as long as the medication on time, a good nourish.own. Footsteps getting closer, Shen Tong no time to explain, hastily open, help me, escape the back of the two men. Zhao Wei brow micro wrinkles, one will Shen Tang hug into his arms, his footsteps lightly, and slowly put her on the wall, he carefully hoop her flustered body struggling, warm Breathed evenly on her earlobe, he softly said, Do not move, for a fidget cube all colors while. Shen Tang to give up the struggle, because the pace of the two men are already in sight. She heard one of the people on the line of Zhao Yu ceremony, but Zhao Yu s head buried deep in her neck, just hum the two, is considered to know. That the two side of the walk, while laughing, said, As early as I heard that the king likes the female color, can not think of such a hurry, here actually lingering on. Yes ah, I do not know his body under the woman, what kind of stunning, Gee, to make the world like this master of love, and would like to be a stunner, really want to see something. Shen Tang heart dark indignation, his face long red clouds one, but this time if she pushed Zhao Yu, that is the capital of the big joke. She low Yi Tan, micro not to Zhao Yu s arms and buried a bit. Can not let anyone see her face, and now can only be the case. Zhao Yu s eyes exposed cold intended to kill. So that the two completely disappear, he did not get fidget cube with different colors enough to reluctantly to the arms of the children were loosened. He looked at Shen Tang reddish face Lengle surprised a moment, then put on a despised self delusion of.