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Fidget Cube Wish hen she pulled one, so it. Her voice suddenly softened up, This world, my most cherished people, and now they will only you one. Next to the people, if it is worthwhile to make, then I would like to sincerely, but once far away, I can not afford to lay down. Shen Rong s body slightly startled, eyes Jingjing Liangliang, as if something in the Mouzhong surging, after a long time, the other side softly said. I am also a general. Shen Tang quietly put his head on the shoulders of his brother, said lowly, ancestors you have set for the Shen Hao Jing yang Wang Rongfu princess, will soon be married to come back, this house will be more water Muddy it. Shen Rong gently laughed, it is not as the sister wish it Shen Tang s mouth slightly tilted, low authentic, Yes ah, as I wish. Sure enough, two days later, Shen Qian Shen Hao marriage will be announced out. Prince of the three princes pushed the impact of the Qingfenglou is boiling, Shen Hao will be married to the news of Rongfu princess will be like a loud fidget cube amazon noise, hanging in the heart of the emperor. At this point, Yi Xiang Church into a civil strife. Qin snuggle in front of the couch, a nose a tear to Yongningbubu wife cried, Niangqin, you say this is what, had let me marry to do his wife, but you and Daddy took a chest guarantee Over, Fang s death, I alone big, aunt in, Shen Hao, he is not dare to stand in the legislation of his wife, but now Yongning Bo will be the youngest favorite pet daughter hug in fidget cube wish the a.e fidget cube wish people. More importantly, she can not let anyone know that she is well versed in medicine. Shen Rong seems to understand her idea in general, indifferent smile, sister assured that as long as Nanyang Princess of disease can cure, I have a way to let you unconsciously for her to cure the disease. Shen Tong smiled and nodded, she has always been very confident brother s ability, although she was born earlier than he was half a quarter of an hour, although her twelve year old body actually filled with a mature soul, but she Shen Ficus has always been very trust. Early the next morning, Anyuan Hou Shen Qian was sent to the Shen Tang called the study. Pear wood armchair chair, his grandfather Shen Qian is eyes closed, his body leaning against the back of the chair, while the right hand is rhythmic beat the table. Shen Tong know, my grandfather did not really rest, but what is difficult to break things fidget cube wish in trouble with him. Oh, my grandfather, I have come. Shen Qian knocked the right hand of the table meal, and then slowly opened fidget cube wish his eyes, staring at Shen Tong looked for a long time, his deep and sharp eyes, seems to want a glimpse of the eyes of this dignified quiet granddaughter s heart. But Shen Tang in the eyes of Sunburn, but did not shake, her smile tranquil, clear eyes, fidget cube prime so the face of the grandfather s look, elegant calm. After a long time, Shen Qian long sighed, stroking his chin on the beard, the sense of loss authentic, Sure enough, the bodies of the pub.

in front of a 16 girl called her sister had to salute her to see her face. Mrs. Yongning Bolu low pondered a moment, smiled and said, Rongfu Princess is not a good relative to the future, if she had children, is the royal blood flow of the Dizi, with her temper would not willing to let their own She will be shot together with the sisters and sisters together, as long as you sit on the mountain view, the crane mussel compete with the fishermen, it will be enough. Qin s brow a little loose, she asked, curious, that Princess in the end is how the same thing, a few years ago, you are not for her younger brother to ask her, she did not hesitate to refuse Five younger brother of such a young man, when they are anxious to marry, even Shen Hao such people are willing to marry Mrs. Yongningbo shook her head, they Jingyang Wangfu things, has always been tight, who knows what is fidget cube wish going on. She thought for a moment, suddenly laughed strange, However, this large family if suddenly hastily to marry her daughter, most of those who is a reason. Qin s face slightly reddened, she threw the rejection of the child, said, What is the reason for her tube, I heard Niangqin, as far as possible that she and the sisters and sisters are provoked up, so they fight too Lose, I then shot. Yongning Bo lost in a sudden low solitary Qin said in the ear, That Sang Xuelia, if you did not, then I go to get it. Text Chapter 91 doubt the group Shen Hao and Princess Rongfu marriage, although a Last updated 2011 8 23 8 00 28 words 2091 After the flowers will come to the government to mention the pro people far to go after several calls, not to ask Miss Shen Tang, is to employ four Miss Shen Zi Yu, and Shen Zi Yan and Shen Zi Shu, no one is interested. Fairview Park Xiuyi floor, Qin turned iron into steel is still not lying on the bed can not move Shen Zi Yan, snapped thundered Road, you two mindless, in the imperial concubines presided over the flowers at the meeting, but also dare Now, I have been hurt by myself, and one and fidget cube wish two have been lying on my couch for five or six days, and I have not seen any fidget cube canada improvement. Shen Zi Yan fidget cube wish pale, haggard, actually like a serious illness in general, all of a fidget cube wish sudden dry down, she was unable to ask, Niangqin, Shen Tang and Shen Zi Yu really nothing She did not believe that she personally put the croton, and saw the soup ladies soup soup into four, saw Shen Tang and Shen Zi Yu drink down, why their sisters were such a crime, but Shen them The two are in no way Qin s angry teeth itch, they are very good, one went to the nightmare of the night rule of the Prajna Temple, a by the imperial concubine of the Queen s summoned to the palace to live, I did not even see a shadow, that is for you Two revenge, there is no chance.Well, this also fills, I just do not understand why with a return to the Baihua Hui, both of them are both proud of the spring up, and you have become the two sisters of virtue Shen Zi Yan s little the aunt s face to see that fleeting disgust, her Mouguang a move, but some of the clear mind , Has long heard of two aunt and Qin was not too young, it seems rumors are true. Old lady busy wiping the tears, smiled and fidget cube desk toy kickstarter nodded, Look at me, really old confused, and this is the long sea bar, no more than 10 fidget cube wish years, mature and stable a lot. Su fidget cube youtube Changhai see the mother in law adult questions, they respectfully to the ceremony, the son in law and wife and children, to interfere with the mother. Shen Ming month did not wait for him to finish, put his son pulled over, come, suddenly, seen your grandmother. Su suddenly said to the grandmother and the elders of the ceremony, and then the old lady was pulled in front, really is a superior child, I remember you and your big cousin of age, after one can play. Suddenly Su Su Changhai and Shen Ming s only son, year 14, and Shen Huai only two months, he fully inherited the Su Changhai scholar temperament, a white Confucian shirt, added a fidget cube dimensions little clear Jun extraordinary. He Gong Sheng asked, I do not know the big cousin in The old lady smiled and called Shen Rong up, Suddenly said to the Soviet Union, your big cousin Shen Feng went to fidget cube wish the College, three cousin Shen Bo was his grandfather called the last lecture, and have to come back to the evening to pick up the wind and dust This is your second uncle s second cousin, Shen Rong, he fidget cube for adults and kids is two years younger than you, the body some weak, then fidget cube wish you have to let him. Shen Tong heart c.

Fidget Cube Wish e summer sea for the hospitality of Shen Tang opened the car curtain, smiled and said, Missy, please Shen Tong looked up, exquisite palace on top, impressively flying pen to write flowers hall three bronzing lacquer characters. Xia Taihai eased off the sedan chair of the small eunuchs, whispered to Shen Tong said, A few days ago, in order to Princess Crown Princess matter, the empress into the emperor into the advice made the emperor s praise. Pleasure, has been talking about to pass the big Miss audience Shen Tong heard this could not help relieved, as long as not there to make their own Prince to marry the heart, it would be good, as for the other, nothing more than resorting to action. Shen Tong into the flower hall. Imperial concubine Shen Ling a luxurious apricot embroidered Phoenix also nest pattern of the palace skirt, head eight wings Jinfeng Chai, graceful side, thousands of gestures. Shen Tang neatly to the palace ceremony, Tang children to the imperial concubine please, would like to Goddess beauty without Chi, Love Wing Royal Crown heard covered his mouth, giggle, laughed, Tang children s mouth, when it became so sweet Manchu, to fidget cube on ebay the eldest tea. Shen Tang could not help looking up the full Chrysanthemum 1, slender eyes, oval face, thin lips slightly Alice, although in a smile, but people can not help but give birth to a fear from the heart. This should be around the most noble imperial concubine female officer Shen Manju. Shen Tang down before the.he carriage in the fidget cube wish Fei Dao landing, she clearly saw the body of Bisheng was sharp stones on the road to the cut, and then later, He was fidget cube ebay dumped by the momentum out, but fortunately fell on top of the grass, only in addition to some cut clothes, who did not hurt. She looked around, and finally not far away from their own find lying in a motionless Bi Sheng, she ran in the past, Bi Sheng to help his arms, anxiously call, Bi Sheng, wake up , Wake up Bisheng did not react, Shen Tang heart Taihai, trembling stretched out his hand to her nose at the probe, although weak, but there are breath, she felt a burst of sour nose, tears will not stop falling Down. But this time it is life and death of the moment, she did not even have time to tears to wipe, they quickly pulled out from the arms of a large Dan, pills crushed, and then fed the mouth of Bi Sheng. She anxiously looked at the empty mountain, the heart suddenly give birth to a trace of decadence, do not know when to meet the mountain or down the mountain, Bi Sheng s injury is very heavy, need immediate treatment, their fidget cube set Fengyun Dan also Only for her to fight for some time. While she was anxious when difficult, suddenly see their own has gone far the carriage, and slowly came back, her heart a hi, was actually the driver restraining the frenzied horse, they come back to pick up the two of them She could not help but stand up, waving her arms to the carriage, Hey, here we are The carriage fidget cube wish was getting closer, but the.