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Fidget Cube Website of ability, but also for his peace, resolutely maintained. Therefore, the emperor was selected for the three princes of the fidget cube website family s daughter into the Prince Edward East Palace, in order to win over him is the right to increase the chips. Shen Qian continued, Prince Edward Although the perfectly justified, but the three princes, but both in the church and the public, are quite prestigious, the emperor to put an end to trouble, is to cut off the three princes of the wings, the first is the Shen. It is expected that there will be such a day, did not expect to come so fast. His tone gradually some low, but also with a sort of sense of loss, so that Shen Tong listening to some slightly sour nose. His grandfather, he would have thought of a big uncle, right She thought for a moment, then put the hearts of the doubts said, Even so, the emperor to act, some too eager. Tang children fidget cube website have a guess in mind, but this can only explain the emperor s impatience. Shen Qian looked at her, eyes a deep, said to listen. Shen Tang low authentic, the emperor was ill. Not just sick, perhaps life soon, because time is no more, this is more anxious to Prince Edward road all the obstacles to remove the imperial concubine worth mentioning, the three princes worth mentioning, Shen s worth mentioning, are blocked in the Prince on the road before the stones. Shen Qian suddenly startled, the eyes released naked, silent for a long time, he said, If so is a crisis, it would be a of two. Shen Tang will pass to Shen Rong, hidden in the sleeve, if hungry, they secretly used to wrap a belly. Shen Rong has also been in the palace, know that the palace is not a half free place, if the moment encountered something, often delayed rice, so he smiled and took over, fidget cube shop put the sleeve bag. Siblings out of the two work out of the Garden, Bi Sheng and Shuangfu followed. Just arrived at the door, Shen Tang a glimpse of the wandering back and forth in the door of the Quan Shu, not from the odd, Uncle, how do you in this What is your grandfather commanded it Uncle laughed the line ceremony, to the eldest of the two young master to please, Houye body violation, and also remember hanging two fidget cube website things to the palace, specially fidget cube online sent the old slave to send you the carriage has two doors Set, the old slave which lead the way. Said, he walked a few steps faster, and Shen Tang Shen Rong maintained a distance of 35 meters, it seems that is deliberately fidget cube website set aside space to let the two brothers and sisters to speak in general. Shen Tang eyes flashed surprised color, but then it shows a glance, fidget cube website and sure enough ginger is still the old spicy, but his intention is to emperor imperial concubine in front of the hair blowing, said his grandfather because of Wei North suddenly Retreat of the matter suffered blow, did not expect this old fox actually installed on the really. But this Yehao, if sick a few days, so that the ruling and opposition are thought to be deeply affect.

heir own head of the brother, eyes kind of meet her for her whole dress, smell him pale Of alcohol, frown, recently when you come back is getting late, you also learned to drink. These days, the Master often took me to see the famous writer, but also to get to know some of the senior officials in the DPRK, and indispensable to entertaining some today is the nephew of the summer of the summer of Gyeonggi Wei Xia only 15 year old birthday, he Although it is fidget cube cost not the name of the disciples of the master, but I was with the Wenchang Institute of students, he called on a fidget cube website few fidget cube website students usually not bad friendship, but also pulled me and I think the summer of this commander of the fidget cube wish Beijing Guardian, and uncle It seemed a bit old, so I went along. Gyeonggi do commander Xia Chengen, who was originally Qingyi Wei, but two years ago, Fang Mingxuan but two months after death, they suddenly rose three, became the commander of the Gyeonggi do, because his official was a strange, Shen began to pay attention he. See my sister s brow is still wrinkled, Shen Rong busy explained, I drink a lot, but secretly with skill forced out, and will not hurt the body, it will not hinder the mental clarity. She patted Shen Rong s shoulder, nodded, small wine Yueqing, heavy drinking injury, is that you count on martial arts, but also no guarantee that you do not have the time to wine out, or try not to drink later, you But it twelve, if really love to drink, and so big to drink too late Shen Ron.ot, there are fidget cube website two requests. Zhao Mu busy Road, Please also cousin educated us Shen Tang bites his lips, today the six princess raised Luo Gege, Shen fidget cube many colors available Tang would like to know who this is, and what the relationship between the six princess. Zhao Mu surprised a moment, then suddenly realized, Oh, dancing to say that the Luo Ditch Luo Ditch is the country will be the world public. Hesitated a moment, Zhao Mu and make up on the sentence, Luo is also the father of the Queen and the Queen Mother for the elegant set of the consort prince, thanks to the edict has been drafted, waiting for the next day under the supervision of Kyrgyzstan when Kyrgyzstan, Tell the world. It s ridiculous, I do not even have heard the name of this child, six princess, she thought I would fight the idea of the future consort of it I came again, the dividing line Today, these two chapters, there is a typos, I fidget cube on prime have clearly seen, but can not find, looking for 2 times can not find, if there are enthusiastic and cautious students, can help me catch a worm does not Chapter 67 Prince Edward Last Updated 2011 9 22 1 07 14 words 2271 Shen Tong looked up and looked at Zhao Mu, shallow smile, indifferent and alienated, six princess living in the palace, if it was deliberately whom, how could she suddenly this vain offense to me. Zhao Mu took a deep breath, the hearts of angry and steaming into the sky. That rumor of the people of course, damn, but if it is a bit long and elegant mind, know how to dist.odded, thinking to myself, but it is confused, even if there is anything important, the small seniority of the sand too low, too young, afraid that he will not let him know. She fidget cube website smiled, but also seemingly fidget cube walmart inadvertently asked, Then you know what people are on weekdays to visit the static elders Small sandy Mi said with a smile, That may be more, the capital of these princes and nobles, have any incurable diseases, the imperial doctor do nothing, they come to see the quiet virtual elders, elders always to medicine to illness, is Our temple, where the most lively, not the main hall, not abbot abbot of the Buddhist temple, it is here. Shen Tong looked down in the direction of the small sandy Mi in the past, far to see a purple dress, she frowned, and continued to ask, I do not know who is going to see today Small samya said with a smile, alcohol Wang Shi Zi and Rui Wang son early in the morning to seek to see the static elders, but the elders are with the Shen Shi Zhu interrogation, so they had to walk around to see, then abbot abbot to find Static elders have something important, they told me to let the two first back tomorrow to come again, this will have to go now. Small sandy Mi ran quickly, Shen Tang was condensate eyebrow thinking, it seems that the purple is not the juvenile of alcohol is the king of the world is the king of the world, the alcohol Wang Shizi ill, Rui Wangshi lust, but the purple boy who seems to Are not these two qualities. But, Ronger can.

Fidget Cube Website called out, this will Tang children come, people are in attendance, and you have anything to say Qin heart hate gnashing teeth, Shen Tong a door will not give her salute, and directly into her aunt, which also fills the past two years, infighting each other as the thorn in each other, her disrespect can be considered In the expectation. Shen Hao, but she was also so ignored, Shen Ziyu and Shen Bo called her mother, to Shen Tong side, he actually take the initiative to indulge Erniang trouble, which makes her feel then Her fidget cube website face was not afraid, the sound will be sharp up, I listen to the fidget cube website ladies under the legend, laurel night, often a strange man out of the.I immediately tied up that a few Old Woman to the ring Church, , Is a felony, not to mention such as pickled, but I think, but I thought, no smoke, the flies do not bite seamless eggs, must be in this Garden Garden where inappropriate, it attracted such rumors, so I will Sent a number of people staring at some, fidget cube website did not think it really is let me expected. His remark, the presence of all the faces are with the shock color, Shen Hao is angry to pound the table, Yuru, what you nonsense Shen Hao, although 2 fidget cube out of the flowers, but hang around are the Temptress Moon where he, the Playboy, naturally know that if a good man s daughter stained the reputation of uncleanness, which is what terrible consequences. Shen Tang coldly watching the Qin, the original hit her was actually the idea, so arrogant and despotic to sea.hen went to the south, did not suffer less suffer, you are all her sister, if she had anything Not thoughtful place, but also to be more Tam Tam point, rest assured, the old woman naturally will not let you suffer. Shen Tong s lips slightly tilted, the old lady greeted in advance, it seems that the two aunt, although temperament is not good, but it is really favored, and she came, An Yuanhou House had not clear water, the Stir more muddy, right At this time, outside the main hall curtain burst, Grandmother, grandmother Shen Zi Yan and Shen Zi Shu sisters, who has not arrived, the sound has to. Shen Tang looked toward fidget cube website the door, and sure enough to see a pair of very beautiful sister flower, taller that is the second sister Ziyan, cut shoulders and slender waist, noodles peach gown, wearing a bright purple brocade embroidered group, Although only twelve, but it has quite a ladies curl Tingting fidget cube website grace. Slightly fidget cube pack shorter body size is the third sister purple Shu, the side of ten years old, childish face is still off with a little baby fat, but the white color, the same good features, peach blouse fluttering, Off is a beauty Pizi. Shen Zi Yan hands to mention a delicate straw basket, the basket is full of spit out the peony is spit Rui, she ignored the Church of the other people, ran straight to the old lady at the past, Grandma, you see, this peony Blooming much more beautiful, I gave you picked to the flower of the most beautiful, you can hairpin in the hair, which.