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Fidget Cube Toy n of Jade Hairpin out Shen Tang s mouth slightly tilted, just think that this hairpin delicate and elegant, together his mind, this wear out, turned out to be actually inlaid treasure of things, no wonder these days Shen Zi Yan on their own, more unfriendly. She still smiled, but with a tone of surprise, Sister you will not make a mistake, right When the father came to the makeup box, only to say that the gadgets brought back south, so I casually wearing play, Is the treasure chest out of the hairpin it Shen Zi Yan bitterly authentic, I knew you do not know what the goods, and hateful dad to take such a good hairpin to you. Purple Shu in the fidget cube where can i buy side of the road, Jiangnan inlay Pavilion is the best jewelry shop Zhou Dynasty, inlaid treasure every jewelry out of the Court are uncompromising attention to the priceless, the most important thing is that even if the money is also Daddy only got a pair of warm jade bracelets this time, an emerald flower hairpin, how much is a fidget cube bracelet is a long time ago Niangqin, but this hairpin even skipped our sister, to fidget cube toy you Shen Tang Mouguang a move, the original was actually the case, but she did not Shen Hao was suddenly moved by the father. She just felt funny, but it is a hairpin only, even if expensive, on the Anyuan Houfu, it is nothing, even so Shen Ziyan two sisters so intervened. Sister Purple Yu shook Shen some of the sleeves of the sleeves. Shen Tong turned around and washed her dough smile, I heard Simei like to eat Sophora c.the Pentium bumps the carriage in general, fluctuation, never stop. On July 25, the flash came. Shen Tang just leisurely crooked in the United States couch, listening to Bi Sheng talked about the past few days to the hospital movement. Lady Qin is neither noisy, nor trouble, and fidget cube toy hand, so that the old lady and Erye from the guilt of the heart. Old lady does fidget cube toy not mention the pressure of the bottom of a good reward a lot of things. Erye, but continuous fidget cube green break The Yi Xiang Tang for several nights. Shen Tang heart suddenly feel Sese, Shen Hao was able to Qin, abandoned his own wife and children, want to come to the Qin is affectionate, even if he later conceal the dandyism of the nature, but in his Heart, the most favorite share should be still left to Qin, right Bisheng see her face expression, then quickly shift the words, the young master of the left arm doctor said has been affected, but beating one hundred days, the old lady is still detained him not to go out. Snow said, the young master ears have not been idle for a day, this month to see the book can be stacked into a high hill. Shen Tong mind a slight move, the last few times to see his brother, his case is placed before the line of military tactics strategist strategy, does Big fidget cube for adults and kids Brother really want to vote in the army, going to the military experience some She was thinking, musk hastily came to announce, back to Miss, Erye fidget cube toy came. Shen Tong face flashed a trace of surprise, fidget cube toy the tone is still calm and no waves.

to the note I have handed the Explorer, about tomorrow will be down, and since then you are Cangwu hospital first class big girl, two young master not often home, Cangwu yard things will be up fidget cube kickstarter to you to call the shots. Wenxiu first a hi, but then there is some hesitation, steward girl s duties rather heavy, slaves afraid of not competent. Shen Tong laughed, You can do it. She paused, I know what you are worried about, you even rose two, fidget cube toy the yard of 2 fidget cube the girls who are not afraid of a non jealous of you and rest assured that I and the two young master wore the back, you do not have to fear. What do you want to do in your courtyard, and you will let go. Wenxiu biting his lips, looking solemn, Miss means Shen Tong eyes deep, as long as you become as close to the Cangwu hospital and iron, as today, such as framing things do not fidget cube toy happen, I will remove your brother s slave. Wenxiu whole body startled, incredibly looked at Shen Tang, When they mother and son is really no way to sign the prostitution of this instrument, but how many times, she and her mother have regretted this decision. Her father is a scholar of the Book of Poetry, is not willing to see his only son is no longer read the book of saints, and slaves as slaves. She and her mother over the years to work conscientiously, diligently, not willing to take the wrong step, the request is to preserve their own, more reward money, good enough money to redeem his brother out. But the ransom money is too hi.so gloat.While fidget cube toy you, as a mother, Even condone his disrespect for his brother, I Shen s century old wind, you have to be tired with your mother CHAPTER VIII RECOMMENDATIONS Updated 2011 8 8 8 00 15 words 2656 Qin has since married into the Anyuan Hou House, or for the first time by the mercy of such a scolding, a moment stunned, and flushed, pointing Shen Ming month speechless, you Mo see the situation is not good, they had to stand up, leaning on Shen Ming month arms, Xiao Hehe to comfort Road, Mo aunt, sit down and drink a cup of tea, is a family, what to sit down and talk , Why move the anger it Shen moon is not going to reconciliation, she Lengheng a cry, sister, you are too good, and only then Qin Yu rain so no rules, if this continues, I Shen s face, do not have to give her Discard it Qin Shen angrily, Shen Ming month, you do not insatiable, in the end who has no rules I am your sister, you are married as a sister in law son, so to me, what rules you will rule No wonder Mrs. Anboge can not tolerate you, your husband and son were implicated to be driven out of the Jiangnan. This remark greatly to the sore Shen month, is even the gentle and has always been so suddenly exposed Su face. Shen Ming Yue Nu extremely anti laugh, pointing to the Mo s Road Qin, sister in law you see, Qin Yu soft funny, sister in law Oh, she was talking about Who is not the people, I Shen moon can be only two A sister in law, one is you, my brother fidget cube toy Shen Yuan Ming media is m., if not because of the Buddhist net, the powder will be self defense that spilled out, but now, she had to swallow life and life to anger back. There was a calm smile on her face, please, please. This time, she turned to leave, and then ignore the men behind the purple clamor provocation. Until her figure disappeared completely, purple man half lost fidget cube toy half is puzzled and murmured, I This is how the The twenty sixth chapter drowned Updated 2011 8 25 8 00 06 words 2230 And so go far, Shen Tang looked back at the quiet static elders of the Zen, Kongkuo Youyuan, quiet and serene, as if never had had just that with the purple boy dialogue in general. Although it is to go out, but her mind is still some worry and annoyance, do not know what that purple boy in the end is what the future, if he will be the day with Qin Yan s exaggeration everywhere, then how to it is good. Shen Tong s brow micro wrinkles, glanced up, just to see just call the static elders of the small sand after the Mi Mi, the hearts suddenly have an idea, then to the small sand Mi Mi waved. Small sandy Mi trotted over, see Shen Tang, they asked, is the Shen donor ah, the abbot and the static abbot of the elders have something to do with the business, for fear of a moment to come back, the elders just let me give you take along So that you do not fidget cube discount have to wait for him in the Buddhist temple. Shen Tang asked, What is the matter Little Abbot touched his head, abbot abbot did not fidget cube kickstarter video say. Shen Tang n.

Fidget Cube Toy ep wrong, guilty of the rules. Shen Tang cold smile, things have been so far, she can not turn back. Even back to the Kun and the palace, if the Royal Concubine asked, how should they answer In the six princess s calculation has not been reached before, what they say are useless. Therefore, fidget cube toy even knowing the mountains have tigers, but also to follow the six princess favor the tiger line. Not long after, the princess in front of the six finally stopped, she said with a smile, Yes, here is it Shen Tong looked up, and sometimes some Yaran. Not far from the front, is a pond, and now in June, lotus in full bloom, and that tender and beautiful pink, transparent green, elegant posture, noble tolerance, large tracts of ground in the water, people relaxed and happy. This is a picturesque place, but, some too remote. Shen Zi yu s face conceal joy, she pointed to the piece of the United States to the spectacular Hawthorn said, Sister, you see this lotus is much more beautiful, I did not expect this palace actually there is so much a large pond. Six princess slightly head, but a pond, the palace is more than this rare place is also worthy of you so happy Shen Tang heart under a move, said with a smile, So, this Hawthorn we have seen, and also asked the princess to take us to a more rare place to see, so my sister two open horizons Shen Zi yu know, they also smiled and approached the six princess said, Yes ah, the princess, there are other good looking where today with me.understand the meaning of Shen Tong words, but she looked at the costumes fidget cube toy of the Sister, but some doubts, Why is that big sister Shen Tong stroking his silver red inlaid gold Anita large flower Begonia flower pendulum, mouth overflowing a nice smile, flowers at the protagonist, a good Chapter XVI fidget cube desk toy Flower plus more Last Updated 2011 8 15 10 30 27 words 2133 Seek support, collection, click, recommendation, message, what are good Flowers will be located in the Changchun Palace as usual. Changchun Palace is located on the west side of the Great Palace, not in the palace, Shen Tang and so the carriage only need to go through the Anping Gate, Wing Lok two armed, will be able to arrive. As the advance has been held in advance of fidget cube release day the message to inform the servant, so Shen Tang, etc. along the way very smoothly into the palace wall, into the Changchun Gong. Not yet get off, Shen Tang will hear a sharp voice outside the curtain asked, the car, but the Anyuan Hou House eldest Shen Tang frowned, she recognized the sound. Royal imperial concubine around the most eunuch of the great eunuch Xia Dehai, she naturally is not neglect, she gently smiled, set off the curtain of the carriage, revealing half of the body to do not know what imperial imperial concubine, even trouble Xia Gonggong you come in person Xia was the sea to meet the very satisfied with the Tang, as he is among the most powerful big eunuch , is said to be ordinary life fidget cube toy woman, that is, Minister.