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Fidget Cube Target o take care of God, but only some skin trauma, not hindered. Shen Tang shallow concubine smile, this in her expected. She thought, whispered, You King and Palace, may have seen the emperor Shen Rong nodded his head, but the eyebrows are showing Jisi contempt, I quickly go back to the palace, the emperor finally went to King and Palace, but just stood for a while and asked a few words, I hurried away. Listen to the palace People say, the prince was shocked, the emperor has been in the dry palace. Shen Tang low sigh, three princes, is not easy. In fidget cube target this era of three wives and four concubines popular, as a man, as a husband, if he is a soulful stick with the whole heart fell in love with one, it would be tantamount to another completely harmless. But if fidget cube target he is his love evenly divided to his wife and wives, which in turn can be called love Is to be affectionate, or to rain and dip, this is a dilemma. But most of the men, for sub use, even if there is a preference, but also always probably flat, is relentless indifference, such as Shen Hao, with his siblings get fidget cube target along for some time, although not as Qin out Children intimacy, but the total will not help make Qin fidget cube canada help his sister and brother to harm things. But the emperor he fidget cube target seems to be a heart completely partial length of the general, and even personally designed under such a vicious plan to the same with their own blood into the three princes beyond redemption. Shen Rong nodded his head, three princes were face gree.clear, she said with a smile, his wife s craft so well, after Tang Er and Ronger indispensable to often disturb you, that time you can Do not shirk, must give us a few hands. Mrs. Cao s smile grew. So, Cao Fu will be a little clean up a lot, wait until the carriage back to fidget cube target Hou House, is not the end of time when the beginning of the application. Shen Tang had just come down from the carriage, Bi scratches have been waiting to stand there. Three princes four princes and six princess has not arrived, now is the old lady. Shen Tang slightly frowned, the old lady may have sent to pass Bi Jie replied, I did not listen to Campanulaceae sister said, Hou Ye also Yishou Park, presumably Houye has been with the old lady through the gas. Shen Tang relieved, smiling Cao Fu pulled to the side, Bi scar, to see Miss Cao. Also pointed to the Bi scar on Cao fidget cube target Fu said. This girl has some skill, mind and careful, today will follow fidget cube target the sister. Cao Fu is very grateful, her eyes flashing flash of flashing eyes, faint tears surging. Shen Tong said, thinking, Fu sister is the first time to Hou House, I should take you to see her grandmother, but the grandmother that since there are foreign men, it would not be convenient either worth mentioning, sister followed Bi marks first returned to my room, I will soon come back. Bi confessed a few marks in her whispered, they took Shen Rong went to Yishou. Yishi Park, at this time of excitement, three princes of the prince and six princess visit.

o not know me Shen Tang s footsteps, brow screwed up, this man knows his name, must have been seen before, but her hurry glance, but did not recognize him, it should be irrelevant to the people. So she does not intend to go back and that person accosted, here is the Changchun Gong, today is the Baihuahui, many mouth miscellaneous, if seen by her dialogue with a strange man, her reputation will be damaged, although she Often as these pedantic rules for jokes, but she does not want to be someone else s joke. Thinking, she walked out of the pace will speed up a number. The man apparently did not want her fidget cube release day to do so, a caught in front of her stopped, he was somewhat unhappy authentic, This is your daughter as the Hou government etiquette Who is the church of you, met with the cousin greeting Do not fight, to quietly go away Shen Tang frowned and turned, cousin Front of the man about fourteen year old, facial features excellent, very handsome posture, but his face with a trace of Ruoyouruowu s solemn, his facial features, it seems that some familiar, but Shen Tang really can fidget cube online not remember where Over him, not to mention, her cousin will also be only three, the imperial princess out of the three princes of the five princes, there are two aunt out of the Soviet Union suddenly, but these are seen, she There are other cousins See her face at a loss, fidget cube target the man s face some slightly Shen, his tone calm, but do not know fidget cube target how, Shen Tang has heard some sort of loss. You really do.t with my flesh and blood, we will be able to marry tomorrow, you just can not tolerate, but also can not tolerate it, but also can not tolerate it Have to Having said that, men will drop the door curtain, walked away, as if every second is not willing to stay in this house. Fang mouth hold a trace of sneer, good sensible Oh, good sensible woman and the cousin has been married to the dark section of the song, stealing, and now even the children are pregnant. As his wife, repeatedly by his sensible cousin bully, if not for the arms of the twins, she will not be patient, to avoid outside the village. Rao is so, she was also harmed by Qin Yu soft premature delivery, although the children are ultimately not affected, but her body has fallen into the blood of the disease, life soon. Shen Hao, the unfathomable negative conscience, knowing that her body weak, can not be stimulated, fidget cube target but also Baba came to tell her tomorrow is that he and Qin married good day, Well, to mad themselves, as His good sensible cousin cleared all obstacles Fang s eyes reveals an infinite desolate, he was determined to not take fidget cube target advantage of Shen Hao s wish, but his body, but it fidget cube instructions has come to the point where the oil lamp to dry up. Show cicadas gently hammering Fang s back, low ground sighed, Miss, you are too stubborn and straightforward, if some can be soft, according to Erye some, one eye closed one eye, you and Erye, it is not so. Fang shook his head, If I became that flattering flute, and h.e summer sea for the hospitality of Shen Tang opened the car curtain, smiled and said, Missy, please Shen Tong looked up, exquisite palace on top, impressively flying pen to write flowers hall three bronzing lacquer characters. Xia Taihai eased off the fidget cube pack sedan chair of the fidget cube desk toy amazon small eunuchs, whispered to Shen Tong said, A few days ago, in order to Princess Crown Princess matter, the empress into the emperor into the advice made the emperor s praise. Pleasure, has been talking about to pass the big Miss audience Shen Tong heard this could not help relieved, as long as not there to make their own Prince to marry the heart, it would be good, as for the other, nothing more than resorting to action. Shen Tong into the flower hall. Imperial concubine Shen Ling a luxurious apricot embroidered Phoenix also nest pattern of the palace skirt, head eight wings Jinfeng Chai, graceful side, thousands of gestures. Shen Tang neatly to the palace ceremony, Tang children to fidget cube target the imperial concubine please, would like to Goddess beauty without Chi, Love Wing Royal Crown heard fidget cube target covered his mouth, giggle, laughed, Tang children s mouth, when it became so sweet Manchu, to the eldest tea. Shen Tang could not help looking up the full Chrysanthemum 1, slender eyes, oval face, thin lips slightly Alice, although in a smile, but people can not help but give birth to a fear from the heart. This should be around the most noble imperial concubine female officer Shen Manju. Shen Tang down before the.

Fidget Cube Target ently pull the door knocker, not long after, came from the inside of an old voice, Who Wind Peter opened the door, is me Door squeaky opened, and an old man with a gray haired old man Xiao Hehe to Shen Rong said, is Yung Geer ah, the master just talking about you just come in Shen Rong Shen Tang a pulled over, smiled and said, Wind Peter, this is my sister. Wind Peter looked up, saw Shen Tong, the eyes of a deeper smile, This is good, the old man who read the day of the child, today to Qi together. He cited Shen Tang sister went to a small courtyard, stopped, Xiao Hehe said, I went with the master informed soon, you in this wait a little. Said, they slowly into the yard. Shen Rong on the sister a little puzzled look, whispered, Although the master of the world over the name, but life is very simple, home only one finishing study of the children, a do live with the old lady and a little girl, The rest of the things are the mother and sister in law to do their own hands.Father is followed by the master of the wind several decades of the old family, and now guarding the door for the master, respect for him, so we do not dare to neglect his disciples Old people, much more travel, they cooked up on the twist. Shen Tong has a surprise in the eyes, but then it is clear that life in order to maintain the character of Qing fidget cube release date Zhi, character dependent to break away from the outside world to make a beautiful article, but also be respected by the world s students it She was.he remembered the grandfather s reference to the royal face when the happy and worrying expression, thinking, my grandfather is really love this pearl, even after all, in order to benefit her will be sent to the palace, but whenever I think of High palace wall, imperial concubine Tolerance and grievances, he should also feel bad pity, right This will not hesitate to charge the whole Shen, the course is also the future of Shen s glory, but which certainly have a few considerations on the Royal Concubine. The imperial concubine determined to conceal the issue of slippery fetus, the, but also not to worry about his grandfather. This kind of fatherly filial daughter filial piety, but it is impossible in her fidget cube alternative life and Shen Hao appeared. Somehow, Shen Tong heart has a moment of low, but his face is as always calm and submissive, she softly said, Tong children know. Huang Royal s face finally Yangqi a bit of a smile, she nodded, gently clap. Soon, full of chrysanthemum will open the bead curtain, into the imperial concubine side of standing, originally in the Kun fidget cube all colors and the palace of the main hall of the house, also quietly filed into the fridge cube room, standing on both sides, everything and Shen Tang had just come in, no two to. Shen Tang not Bi Sheng, they asked, Manju aunt, do not know my little girl went to Manju owed the arrears, retreated Missy, slaves left BiSheng girl in the slaves that house to eat snacks, slaves which makes people call her. Voice faded, the curtain wil.