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Fidget Cube Reselling care does not matter, for their first wife out of a decade of children, some indifference, even when the family together to eat, They are also not seen as siblings. At this time, for their dishes in the bowl, greeted them is a great uncle. In An Yuan Hou House, the muddy water Tan, the grandfather of old fashioned slippery, grandmother smart powerful, uncle and aunt, his father superficial incompetence, Qin s vicious Henla, Uncle ambiguity, that is uncle and three aunt Can be regarded as a clear stream of two shares, so Shen Tang hard heart, to a little soft. In the end, what people, to uncle to death Her mind suddenly thought of what, suddenly surprised, whole body trembling up. Yes, if the Shen s enemies, the uncle will be placed in death, really can give Shen s a fatal blow. If the eldest son died, the entropy of the grandson has grown up, it will be separated from generation, direct transfer in the entropy of the grandson, in order to maintain the status of respect for fidget cube reselling the descendants of the blood line. If the great uncle really passed away, it is the title of Hou Anyi Hou brother should be the big brother Shen Feng, but let Shen Tang scared, Shen Feng was just over a 15 year old s birthday, from the big week men sixteen years limit , Still a year. It would mean that big brother Shen Feng and Hou Yuan Hou title will be missed. Because according to the law, in this case, the posthumous title of Anyuan, will fall to the grandfather Shen Qian s second son.sness. She did not cry with other trapped people, not her strong, but she wants to maintain strength, adhere to the moment to go out alive. Her career is still in its infancy, her life is the best time, but suffered this disaster, she believes that by virtue of perseverance and survival consciousness, she can endure the past, but she did not wait to hope. She is lucky, with the birth of the memory to the new body of Shen fidget cube relief anxiety stress Tang girl who can live again, she was deeply grateful for the fate. Instinctively, she took on a sister to do the responsibility, because there is no mother, so she even the role of the mother also picked on his shoulders, Shen Rong s effort and love, and sometimes even the mother Can not do it. But he said, Sister, the Rongrong to protect you to take care of you Shen Tang fragile heart sinking, suddenly like a generalized emboldened, full up. Chapter XIV asked Last updated 2011 8 14 8 00 44 words 2270 Shen Rong fidget cube reselling to fidget cube reselling the first day of college to go to school, Shen Tong both pleased and gave up to his brother to the gate, a simple and elegant carriage has long been parked in that for a long time. Car curtain off, revealing a handsome Qingyi face, Shen Feng Chen Rong smiled and flashed a fidget cube reselling move beckoned, Brother, here Shen Tang for the younger brother of the whole clothes, and patted him on the dust, smiled and said fidget cube reselling to him, Go, if encounter any embarrassing thing, go to Big Brother, brother Yingming decisive, will help you Yeah, big brother Shen who.

and literature, so that the body through the body than the average person s lady is also stronger than some. Not only that, she is also good at cooking, making hand cooked vegetables, her favorite very much. Shen Tong secretly pondered, he did not have uncle talked about, the original grandfather had a concubine, I do not know how, her mind emerge out of the kind of gentle lady with elegant face to Cao. Sun Momo brow slightly wrinkled up, later I do not know what happened, there is a master and Caoxian make a row, have met the blood, Cao Yin that night with a green Yao away. , The master will not allow people to mention Caoxian things, Lao Taiye also acquiesced, over time, the world will think that only under the old man received six disciples, that Cao Xian was completely forgotten. Shen was surprised, Cao fidget cube where can i buy adults as the world today, the first literati, all of them respected his character knowledge, but he was young when such a thing actually happened but then think of the day Cao adults gaffe, Mrs. Cao Of the stop, they feel so outrageous Gouxue things, not impossible. His grandfather has not passed away, he was able to guess Cao Wenxian Cao Xian fidget cube a vinyl desk toy was once, but he was not allowed to mention the matter of the servants of the year, Cao Xian deliberately dilute the name, This mind, but also not because it was that thing. Fame, is the reading of all. fidget cube on amazon Grandfather Xu is in another way to guard Cao adults. But, Cao Fu goes on like his mother s face S.ue Xia, Huang Paozi dare to back Missy. Yi Xiang fidget cube reselling Tang is the residence of Qin. Huang Pozi to Laurel Park has almost a year, has always been honest and amiable, although only a third look at the stove old woman, but it was quite close to the laurel garden girl, Bi Scarpe was honest, natural and Huang Paozi good. Therefore, Bi fidget cube reselling marks the words, quite some of the protection of the yellow woman. Shen Tong pick up the fidget cube desk toy amazon eyebrow, turned to the Bi trace, I went with the Bisheng Der Spiegel Court, and let the great aunt for a long time not so good.The size of the garden in this matter, you have the final say, How to deal with the yellow woman, you decide it. Bi marks some embarrassed looking at Shen Tong, hesitated, Anyway, do not worry, or so Miss back, and then decide Bi man calm, but the heart is too good, easy to soft hearted, anti Bi sheng decisive competent. Shen Tang low sigh, Bi Sheng you say Bi Sheng did not hesitate authentic Road, Although we have preparedness, but fidget cube reselling also not afraid of what she revealed through the words, but the kitchen is fidget cube reselling a powerhouse, if she was under the command of who, to the food Riga Although we are not afraid, but the tiger has a nap when it does not check if the moment, then the consequences may be serious. Shen Tang nodded his head, where to buy fidget toys directed at Bi trace marks, to do so. Having finished the complex face of the Bi mark face, with Bi Sheng straight out the door to go. Mirror Court, is the great aunt Mo s residence, Mirror Court.calm the surface to maintain the color, he Gong Sheng Road, Missy assured, Houye not only on the eldest If you have promised, you will fidget cube reselling not easily let you go. Shen Tong gently nodded, whispered, there is a labor uncle to his grandfather with a word, said Yongning Bo worthy of scrutiny, quite threatening the meaning, but also look grandfather deep thought. Uncle look more and more solemn, heard nodded heavily, then got up and leave. Bisheng see Quan Shu gone, had just rushed in, Miss, how can you not see anxious Shen Tang, Puchi smile, silly Bisheng, you have to ask your sister to ask Bi Bi 12, how can she Shenshang Qi, not fidget cube on the news like you are so confused. Bi marks smiled and said, Uncle go back, it will naturally be said with the Hou Ye listen to this, since Houjie has promised to miss the day, for the time being about marriage, this door is naturally can not be accomplished. Do not worry, the two of us why the emperor is not an urgent eunuch it Bisheng recollections, not by the ground to hammer a Bi mark a few, you say naturally is the truth, but do not have to make fun of me Shen Tang smile to see her two frolic, Bi fidget cube desk toy amazon mark thought carefully, this thing would like to be transparent, but missed one.Yongningbo some time ago, the attitude quite some ambiguity, but today is Baba To re marry me and Shen, which means worth a good taste. Yongning Bertin was informed that the recent grandfather of some action, re measured from the joint with Shen s, but from the grandfather.

Fidget Cube Reselling d Shen Tong, Tang children, in the end is how One thing Shen Tang elegant manner to stand up, bend the line to the Royal Concubine a ceremony, just this point than to grab the words of Shen Zi Shu, it has been superior. She smiled tranquil and soft, back to the empress, sister know Tang children have always loved to drink this duck stew ginseng soup, put this soup gave me, Simei fidget cube reselling Tang sister s sister, really moved to Tang Er. Tang Er thought, both are sisters, how can I exclusive this cup of soup Better, please send a few small empress sent to the empress, so we have four points of the sister of this soup, the common stained Simei festivity, What do you think Imperial Concubine pleased nodded, Shen Tong this did not mention Shen Zi Shu s question, but the Shen s sister s affectionate, his right to talk. Some understatement, pour people think, Shen Zishu is to see some good things but envious, and Shen Zi Yu for the sister of the spirit of love to fall she has gone up the momentum, more vast up, many ladies began to move her mind. Humble commoner woman, once the flowers at the head of the meeting, it can no longer regard her as an ordinary woman, the head of the word, you can let many have gradually wipe micro Xun Gui you all interested, to marry her Return home. Shen Tang s response, almost all the fidget cube reselling satisfaction of the nod, fidget cube reselling in addition to Shen Zi Yan Shen Zi Shu there are six princess. This soup was croton. But the imperial concubine has sent ladies sent four., let the old lady happy from ear to ear, big prince princess is not free to go to grandfather s house, this is because Tanabata Festival, the three princes reported to the emperor prepared, this can enter the government of Anyuan Hou such a long time. But Zhao Mu did not have the excitement and look forward to looking at the one again and Shen Zi Yan sister two sticky together sister, his heart was no reason to bored up. fidget cube reselling Qin out of a son and two women gave him left a very good impression, Shen Zi Yan arrogant and despotic, Shen Zi Shu insignificant grace, Shen Song Yong mediocrity, than the Shen Tang sister, the difference of far more than a thousand miles. Shen Zi Yu is this concubine daughter, than that a few much stronger. At this time, he looked up in the past, just glimpse of the quiet silence in the side of the Shen Zi Yu, she wore a tender and beautiful pink, silhouetted against her skin white as jade, the head wearing his favorite peony hairpin. She just so quietly standing, it seems there are full of style. Seems to feel the Zhao Mu s attention, Shen Zi yu turned to look to him, Ying Ying smile. This smile pure and bright, this eyes clear bottomed out, but somehow, but admiration from the admiration and attachment, to be carefully to explore, Shen Zi Yu has not in place, like fidget cube prism a slippery loach, I do not know Liu Where to go. Zhao Mu s eyes a deep mouth will hold on to touch the smile of interest. Shen Tang came in time. Just will see Zhao Mu that me.