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Fidget Cube Release Day he head, the most unhappy is the fear of fidget cube release day two Miss Three Miss there who. This is really a thing of the music, and so back to the government , Bi Sheng must do a few good to Miss good dishes, and then then called the two young master, a good celebration to celebrate. Shen Tang helplessly Bi Sheng a, Miss you are so superficial person I am really happy for the Simei, she won the leader, the future must be the seat of the princess ladies, Shen Zi Yan sister must also He would not dare to blatantly bully her. Bi Sheng frowned Road, but Bi marks told me that the cut was embroidered, broken surface formation, cut a very symmetrical. If it is Shen Zi Yan sent a girl fidget cube where to buy at stores to destroy, between haste, must be arbitrarily twisted, and how will leave such a deliberate two halves Shen Tang low sigh, Simei she made a big bet, and I can not bear to let her all lose, she won, she wanted to get, but I have not lost What, instead perhaps in the future will be more. She took advantage of me, but I told her, also did not save the use of mind, so this Council, be regarded as a win win. Yes, Shen Zi yu come out from the embroidery that moment, Shen Tang will know that it is only a Shen Su yu of a fidget cube release day bitter play. Double sided embroidery techniques alone, not enough to make Shen Zi Yu flowers at the first prize, if you want to win, she had some clever Kung Fu, and organic seeking Shen Tang, is the object of her help. If Shen Tong is willing to help her, that this will.ble. Shen Tang nodded his head to the ginkgo to Zhancha, good to wait for the whole leisure to wait for the three late sister. Great aunt Mo really was right, Shen Ziyan even a few carefully dressed, how can the wrong past flowers will be the hour Chen had just passed, Shen Zi Yan took Shen Zi Shu to the Ming Court, Shen Zi Yu followed. Compared with Shen Zi Yan and Shen Zi Shu s bright and beautiful, Shen Zi Yu this body Su short dress is simply shabby. But Shen Tang is her dress is quite appreciated, a slightly applied Fen Dai s little face, purer and pleasant, azure Crocodile rose brocade embroidered gown, elegant side, the celestial Shen Zi Yu embroidered colorful butterflies lifelike, vibration Wings to fly, down even more clearly show her mind. She directed at Shen Zi yu smiled, on Mo fidget cube on the news s Road, great aunt, fidget cube a vinyl desk toy Tanger Jiugen Simei a carriage bar. Mo nodded in the consent, the Shen Tang Shen Shen Zi Shu Shen Shen Zi regardless of the sharp eyes, pulling the hands of the car purple yu. Shen sister, I listen to you, deliberately wore the clothes out of this body, although by the second sister and third sister a good pass through mockery, but I fidget cube release day think that this dress than they are clothes, To look better. Shen Tang laughed more and more quiet, flowers at the meeting, are Gonghou Wangfu your daughter, they are naturally very luxurious dress, and if they are the same, it is not into the vulgar flow, how can you show your Chic Shen Ziyu transparent Linghui, naturally.

f my heart, tang children do not have modesty. Since the imperial concubine fidget cube release day has said so, and then will only provoke her to abuse Dudo unhappy, Shen Tong had to bite the bullet and said, In order to empress and Shen s sake, Tang children should do. Imperial concubine smiled and nodded, Yes, you fidget cube release day and me as Shen s entropy eldest daughter, since when for Shen s future spared no efforts. Suddenly, she sighed softly, the subject of a turn, the emperor of the late Queen s Empress a deep, repeatedly blocked the ministries of power please canonize the new posthumous words, pour the embarrassment of the house up. Said the emperor of the Palace of the ruthless, it is not right, the palace has been expensive for the Royal Concubine, after the fidget cube release day command palace, in charge of the palace should be a business, the emperor s reward never indispensable, but in the end were not untrue, Your two cousins are in a difficult position. Shen Tang heart jump, imperial concubine s remarks are too straightforward, though it is to tell her mind, but it should not tell her a younger generation. She did not know how to take a moment, only to droop his head thinking of breaking the law. But the imperial concubine did not give her more time to think, her voice some deep, word for word to ask Shen Tang, Tang children, you may be willing to give the house as a partner, let s nephew together, afraid fidget cube release day not to reverse the universe Shen Tang temporarily stagnated, she did not know the royal concubine sa.d seedling, but Fang Mingxuan see two girl and Shen Tang age quite, they put the two to Shen Tang for the maidservants, and From the boy to pick a double blessing to Shen Rong, four of them, Fang Mingxuan had more hard training. Two years ago, Fang Mingxuan received the secret mission of the emperor, left Huainan, put the siblings entrusted to his painstaking efforts to cultivate the four. Fang Mingxuan said before leaving the emperor s task is very simple, but a come back on the matter, but unexpectedly, Shen Tang sister back is uncle broken corpse. Later, Ann Yuan Hou Qian Qian, Shen Tong sister s grandfather learned of the news, they sent to take their siblings back to the capital An Yuanhou House. Originally, they are unwilling. Then how the mother died, Shen Tang vividly, the mother died, the uncle will come back to their siblings Huainan, and An Yuan Hou House Shen, because the loss, but also did not stop, they siblings long Not to themselves as the children of Shen, and even some of the Shen there are so hatred. Moreover, the uncle did not marry life, dedicated to raising their siblings. Now the uncle did not, it should be the two of them to provoke the Fang s portal, this time, how can they walk away, back to the capital of fidget cube release day Anyuan Houfu it However, the uncle s death like doubt, the uncles body official fidget cube fidget cube relief anxiety stress to bring back the Tsing Yi Wei, the next day also disappeared, even the cause and effect have not been given. So, she still took his brother back here. An Yuan.worry, nodded his head. Bi Sheng and bi scars this is to live in the outer compartment of Shen Tang, taking into account the vigil and the protection of the duties, but because Bisheng the injured too, so Bi will let the little girl will Shen Tang next door to clean up the room out, Bisheng will be placed in that. Shen Tang into the door, Bi scratches immediately put the position of the Bisheng bed head out. Miss, you come back, how not to go wash, then come Bi marks some distressed look at a panic of Shen Tang. Shen Tang did not answer, put up the pulse of Bi Sheng, and then his face Yangqi a relaxed smile, Bi Sheng is not affected, and I put the heart. What exactly is this going to happen Asked fidget cube release day Bi Biwe. Shen Tong washed her comfortably smile, Now all right, I go to wash, you let Mian Yu here to serve Bi Sheng, you go to my study, two young master is there, so I wash well, on the past, will And what is happening in the present day, I will give you two. Shen Tang, such as the body will be carefully washed the bloody taste, and put on clean fidget cube release day clothes, wring hair, in the little girl s arm to the study, Shen Rong has been waiting to be scared. He saw Shen Tang, they quickly took over from the hands of the girl, she put her arm onto the soft collapse, I knew you are so tired, there is anything, we say it again tomorrow. Shen Tang touched his face filled with anxious, No, we must say today. Then she put the things that happened today, only slightly in the quiet of.

Fidget Cube Release Day understand the meaning of Shen Tong words, but she looked at the costumes of the Sister, but some doubts, Why is that fidget cube release day big sister Shen Tong stroking his silver red inlaid gold Anita large flower Begonia flower fidget cube set pendulum, mouth overflowing a nice smile, flowers at the protagonist, a good Chapter XVI Flower plus more Last Updated 2011 8 15 10 30 27 words 2133 Seek support, collection, click, recommendation, message, what are good Flowers will be located in the Changchun Palace as usual. Changchun Palace is located on the west side of the Great Palace, not in the palace, Shen Tang and so the carriage only need to go through the Anping Gate, Wing Lok two armed, will be able to arrive. As the advance has been held in advance of the message to inform the servant, so Shen Tang, etc. along the way very smoothly into the palace wall, into the Changchun Gong. Not yet get off, Shen Tang will hear a sharp voice outside the curtain asked, the car, but the Anyuan Hou House eldest Shen Tang frowned, she recognized the sound. Royal imperial concubine around the most eunuch of the great eunuch Xia Dehai, she naturally is not neglect, she gently smiled, set off the curtain of the carriage, revealing half of the body to do not know what imperial imperial concubine, even fidget cube release day trouble Xia Gonggong you come in person Xia was the sea to meet the very satisfied with the Tang, as he is among the most powerful big eunuch , is said to be ordinary life woman, that is, not know each other. Although these words are to rescue, but with some joking. fidget cube black and green Shen Tang heart surprised, she suddenly fidget cube adults remembered the Emperor Royal has been intending to make a pair of fidget cube release day her and Zhao Mu, when she refused though, Royal Concubine also seem to agree with her view, but who can guarantee her Royal Concubine Suddenly a temporary meaning Zhao Mu thought of the future, not a very top of the board, that is, expel dust off, and fidget cube release these two outcomes are not acceptable to her, so the hearts of Zhao Musheng just two points to enjoy a good impression, they are immediately dissipated. Her heart is a hundred thousand turn back, Zhao Mu Qinglang laughter will ring up in the ears, Mother Fei said, the seventh day of next month, it is Qiaoqiao Festival, the child was going to please Banyan cousin and cousin together Qingfenglou to enjoy it, when many people, if accidentally cousin mistaken, would not be a big joke Imperial concubine smile more joy, said Fung House green drinks really big Monday absolutely, I like Tanger so large, often changed men, and brother brother secretly went that some booze, Once n Drink cheerful, fidget cube youtube but unexpectedly the box door was suddenly kicked open, the man turned out to be the father. Shen Rong heard, busy asked, Later Royal Grand Concubine will be directed at Shen Rong laughed, Later, your grandfather put us three to escort back to the Hou House, but the eldest brother is the world, often go out to socialize, I am a woman, the future.