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Fidget Cube Prime 1 8 9 8 00 51 Word Count 2225 After a few days of windy showers, the weather warmed, sunny, green grass fertile, flowers in full bloom, not only between the heaven and earth for the new look of the new landscape, it seems that all the unhappiness of the government of Anyuan all swept away While empty. Grandfather Shen Qian has not appeared for many days, and also did not hear people talk about the election Princess Prince matter, Shen Tang will know their safety. She stopped in the hands of the medical case, looked at sat met meticulous seriously read the brother, not help laughing, to see what Shen Rong shook the book cover, see the national policy. Grandfather gave such a stack of books, so a few days to bite on the end, is really too difficult for me Say, I am not going to test the counselor, the future Nor into the fidget cube demonstration official, to see what is the use of these Nephew like uncle, Shen Rong and Fang Mingxuan, as the knife is very interesting to get a knife, but the face of a thick subset of history, began to have some hair ignorant. He does not understand, but not interested. But some things are necessary to learn, so, it should not interested in the also become interested. fidget cube antsy labs She said with a smile, Since the recommendation of the grandfather, fidget cube toys too into the College is the ironclad.I guess that Cao adults will hear that you fidget cube prime are the distant mountain public had grandson, only an exception to you this opportunity, since already wanted to To see you, that into the came back too early. Shen Rong live Cangwu homes, Shen Ziyan live in Fairview Park, Shen Song lived in the spring of Hengyuan, aunt living cream Hospital, as well as their own Laurel Park, this one rummaging in the past, not afraid to spend a A few days. That witch of the villain, it will be openly lying on the bright side, waiting for people to find it to you The old lady nodded solemnly, What is the matter, where to find the. There is a woman will be moved to move things in the old lady, Joe Mama Road, This is the cream of the hospital in Liu aunt looking for the dregs slaves slaves see the sly girl sneaking, and asked her words And he who was hesitant, gave birth to suspicion. The old lady looking somewhat unhappy, Liu has uterine bleeding of the disease, perennial drug use, her point out to find some medicine, what is it Qiaomu Ma eyes Gengrong, Gong Sheng Road, This is the second kind, that is, two young Cangwuyuan yard yard, looking for the Road character. Her voice had just fallen, there will be Po old woman will be on the road, yellow Fuzhi, the above blood red ghost draws, Leng Bude looked at, indeed some cold cold Senleng. Shen Tang mind a tight, whole body will be numb. Buddhism flourished in the Zhou Dynasty, Taoism will be fidget cube prime eclipsed, so the character is not widely known, is to protect the peace of the Fuzhi, not a few people recognize. Moreover, the insurants of the Fuzhi, it is harmful to the Fuzhi, these ghosts painting character ordinary peo.

quest Road, my family to please the grandfather fidget cube set to Miss Shen Da Finished a jump, out of the window, the speed was amazing. Shen Tang stunned to see still swinging up and down the wooden windows, and secretly feel that the words of Yan know some wrong, even if the world stay in the Anyuan Hou House, he will not personally take care of him, not only in the ceremony, grandfather Will not be answered. She shook her head and said to Shen Qian, Grandfather saw the child looks fidget cube instructions like, is really lethargic or faint sleep Shen Qian eyelids jumped, Tang children suspected of Seiko pseudopathy Shen Tang pondered, that day is indeed already diagnosed Zhao Yu is no problem, in addition to fidget cube prime the upper leg of the blood point, it did not hurt the wound bones, Bi Sheng injured so heavy wake up, has been able to walk down the ground , And Zhao Yu should not be a coma or look like. She gently bit her lip, grandfather can take children into the Tang children look for children, Tang children not only unusual pulse can still see clearly. Shen Qian is not a pedantic person, not to mention his study is extremely subtle, ordinary people are not allowed to close at the moment in the house and left him and Shen Tang two, is to take Shen Tang to see that lying Motionless for a long time Zhao Yu, what stakeholders. He fidget cube prime nodded his head, with Shen Tong into the back room. This house is not very large, but simply put a soft collapse, a few short, but Shen Qian here to prepare for their fatigue wh.a similar age at home granddaughter, they want to find a chance to get to know about the eldest He changed the subject, just, here but right and wrong, the eldest or the first return to the House of the good. Carter, the field will be a movement, Lin Shu to the full strength of feeding, full attack to the Shen Feng. Shen Tang surprised, but see the field of Shen Feng smile calm, not panic, but gently a dodge, they will Lin Shu s best shot to hide in the past. Her heart a little set, they heard Shen Rong softly in her ear, my sister assured that Big Brother has been diligent study and hard work, Kung Fu day by day, a lot of sophistication, Lin Shu that several fist punched and embroidered legs, could not hurt him. See Shen Tang is still some concern, Shen Rong down the voice, Big Brother s injury in the Ming fidget cube shop Department, that Lin Shu s injury is not just a few faces on his face. Shen Tang nodded his head, want to come to this fidget cube prime Lin Shu ping too much in the College too many grudges, then see Shen Feng advantage, where they are willing to persuade them to open Just to those adults, led by Cao adults, actually also stand idly by. Chapter 69 Transfer Updated 2011 9 23 8 01 01 words 2105 In the urge of Shen Rong, Shen Tong had to follow fidget cube prime the crowd out of the whole uncle, back to the carriage on the road, Shen Tong could not help but ask, Uncle, you say why they do not discourage big adults Cao and Lin Shu confrontation Uncle thought, Wei North Hou government of fidget cube prime the the note I have handed the Explorer, about tomorrow will be down, and since then you fidget cube release day are Cangwu hospital first class big girl, two young master not often home, Cangwu yard things will be up to you to call the shots. Wenxiu first a hi, but then there is some hesitation, steward girl s duties rather heavy, slaves afraid of not competent. Shen Tong laughed, You can do it. She paused, I know what you are worried about, you even rose two, the yard of the girls who are not afraid of a non jealous of you and rest assured that I and the two young master wore the back, you do not have to fear. What do you want to do in your courtyard, and you will let go. Wenxiu biting his lips, looking solemn, Miss means Shen Tong eyes deep, as long as you become as close to the Cangwu hospital and iron, as today, such as framing things do not happen, I will remove your brother s slave. Wenxiu whole body startled, incredibly looked at Shen Tang, When they mother and son is really fidget cube prime no way to sign the prostitution of this instrument, but how many times, she and her mother have regretted this decision. Her father is a scholar of the Book of Poetry, is not willing to see his only son is no longer read the book of saints, and slaves as slaves. She and her mother over the years to work conscientiously, diligently, not willing to take the wrong step, the request is to preserve their own, more reward money, good enough money to redeem his brother out. But the ransom money is too fidget cube prime hi.

Fidget Cube Prime to let her calm down. At this time, stand aside for a long time did not speak out of the voice of Aunt Liu suddenly said, my wife is dignified and dignified, is the imperial concubine of the empress are praised, laurel garden maidservants who are also a hundred miles to pick one This is, regardless of, my wife said, often men where to buy fidget toys at night out of Laurel Park, some exaggerated, right We guard the house is so strict, here is more of the Court of the United States here, is not this, I do not know, There are two layers of security, where someone can easily access Qin s aunt did not expect Liu will suddenly launch an attack, a fidget cube prime moment of language lag, after a long while before Road, Let s home is icing on the eldest of fidget cube kickstarter shopping nature, but the insurance here under the girl out of the error, as to how come in, And then there are some measures. Liu aunt looked at Qin s poor performance, said with a smile, That being the case, his wife s behavior is even more inappropriate, if the heart is to miss the sake of the eldest, on the privacy of a head to find that the girl and the offending The mouth of the broken woman are killed, but never gossip, not tired of the reputation of Miss Shen s, how fidget cube prime to launch a campaign to Missy s garden search, which looks like White has always followed Liu, see Liu aunt said so, pretended not to ask, looks like it Liu Auntie so is this problem, heard this will use his veil to cover his mouth laughed, looks like a well thought out to have to make a good plan, Xichang Meng s grudge for many years of hatred, it is nowhere to report it, if the three princes to help Mengshi Xiang, Hechou The great cause is not He looked at the eyes of Shen Tang more soft, I fidget cube prime really did not fidget cube prime make the wrong for the owner to find jade, Tong children s resourcefulness, will make me a higher level of Shen. Shen Tang shallow smile, This is Tang children should do. Since your mother died, your father will not have to continue to marry, the backyard has been dominated by the Qin, Qin s domineering, but in the end is your fidget cube youtube grandmother s nephew niece, but also Yongning Bo The most beloved eldest daughter, I will open one eye to close one eye, not to intervene in the affairs of the inner courtyard. He thought for a moment and continued, But your father is now the son of the world, Qin has done too much bear, An Yuan Hou House need a decent shot of the world s wife, so I want your father to marry Jing Yang Wang Of the Rongfu princess, Jing Yang princes have promised, and soon after, they will marry the ceremony line. Shen Tong s mouth slightly tilted, father had room following his wife, it is naturally good. She had specifically referred to the grandfather of the princess, which has this meaning, did not think my grandfather not only listened to, but also to do it resolutely. Her eyes slightly squint, revealing the sly light, Shen Hao, Rongfu Princess over sixteen years old, never heard before marriage, this time has anxious to marr.