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Fidget Cube Original dfather willing to study the secret room revealed to her, willing to take her into the underground fidget cube kickstarter chamber, whether it means to her recognition, willing to let her really start to contact the core of Shen Shen Tong along with her grandfather embarked on this winding stone road, and soon afterward to an underground stone room, she looked at her grandfather only gently on the Shek Mun on a beat, Shihmen will be opened. Connaught large stone room, gathered a dozen different looks dressed man, see Shen Qian behind with Shen Tang, all of them are exposed to understand the eyes. This is my entropy granddaughter Shen Tang, she has always been smart and intelligent, if not born for the woman, I will be the largest Shen future backbone. Shen Qian will Shen Tang pulled in fidget cube discount the side of the room, When he finished, he also refers to the room you Shen Tang said, This is my Shen family of several elite, usually less so today have gathered fidget cube original together, but your uncle was assassinated, really on Shen has a very deep impact, so I will be anxious to fidget cube original your fidget cube original uncle and uncle called back.Tang Er, you so late also anxious to come to me, is there any idea She told me she recognized the dress of the man who had shot the driver, and it was the dress of Tsing Yi, said Shen Tang, thinking, My grandfather, Bi Sheng, woke up. Shen Qian s eyebrows jump, That Tong children mean Shen Tang pondered a moment, Tsing Yi Wei no harm to me this little woman, not to mention, fidget cube original really critical Tong children.he remembered the grandfather s reference to the royal face when the happy and worrying expression, thinking, my grandfather is really love this pearl, even after all, in order to benefit her will be sent to the palace, but whenever I fidget cube original think of High palace wall, imperial concubine Tolerance and grievances, he should also feel bad pity, right This will not hesitate to charge the whole Shen, the course is also the future of Shen s glory, but which certainly have a few considerations on the fidget cube original Royal Concubine. The imperial concubine determined to conceal the issue of slippery fetus, the, but also not to worry about his grandfather. This kind of fatherly fidget cube reselling filial daughter filial piety, but it is impossible in her life and Shen Hao appeared. Somehow, Shen Tong heart has a moment of low, but official fidget cube his face is as always calm and submissive, she softly said, Tong children know. Huang Royal s face finally Yangqi a bit of a smile, she nodded, gently clap. Soon, full of chrysanthemum will open the bead curtain, into the imperial concubine side of standing, originally in the Kun and the palace of the main hall of the house, also quietly filed into the room, standing on both sides, everything and Shen Tang had just come in, no two to. Shen Tang not Bi Sheng, they asked, Manju aunt, do not know my little girl went to Manju owed the arrears, retreated Missy, slaves left BiSheng girl in the slaves that house to eat snacks, slaves which makes people call her. Voice faded, the curtain wil.

little surprised, Tang children sister mean, some people in this building moving hands and feet Shen Tang eyes slightly down, gently authentic, I come and go, it can only think of these. You Xu at the turn of the street is fidget cube for adhd the most crowded when the crowd, if Qingfenglou what happened, Gyeonggi Wei People have been ambush in four, when the time surrounded them, we will block, we are half points are not escape. Her voice micro Dayton, then said, We are in the Qingfenglou this second floor, they are on the third floor of Prince Edward, what could not be a fire attack or guns arrows, one easily hurt the innocent, two full fledged Under the easily arouses suspicion, three Well Tiger is not eating it yet, even though the emperor loved the Prince, but the three princes you are he looked at growing up. Zhao Mu shook his head and shrugged his head, If the crown to Prince Edward, he has nothing to do is not his father, but if he really want to get rid of me, but would not choose such a place, this time. Shen Tang is secretly pondered, suddenly seemed to have a flash in the brain, she thought for a moment asked, Your Royal Highness the second prince, you have always been with the Prince in the folk wind assessment, who is high and who is low Zhao Mu faint surface has a contented, I often walk in the private sector, but also for the emperor to do a few errands do not have to do, so the capital of folk, I also quite some recognition, but Prince Edward, but since.the eldest son, your dignity, not to mention a third class servant, is the House of brothers and sisters, Mrs. Qin, Aunt also have to see you a high. Her speech changed, and then Road, but that will be disgusted with the Old Woman Po Lee, you know why Drink half drunk Shen Feng a pair of misty eyes, Why Shen Tang low sigh, If you do not value their own, and how people respect you You hiding in the Danqing yard all day, and wine for the company, do not put on your entropy of the grown up son of style To let these meet the high stepped on the villain Chengri see your frustration, they think you will be great is a drunkard, can not be anything big, so will you disrespectful, wanton choreography you. Shen Feng shook his head, wry smile, I can be such a person, lost the opportunity to Cheng Jue, but also what is it I am not good at Wu Yong, do not like Uncle Guards command, I am not as uncle Proficient in general affairs, can RBI business, I I have done what, but also what is the best Shen Tang gently patted the shoulder Shen Feng, fidget cube adults softly, No, you can learn, big brother you are so smart, not by grandfather s recommendation, thanks to their own power can also enter the College, a teacher disciples , But how will really nothing Although you are not as good as Uncle, as good at Wu Yong, but your art of war riding and shooting are all good, if really hard some, that is the Guards of the command, that is When a guard general of the border how difficult As for.en Tong, Miss you nothing Bisheng useless, very early weighs in the past, then did not happen, right Shen Tang smiled, I stand in front of you, what can you do Bisheng shook his head, his face look a little weird, she looked up to see the rain is quietly standing on the side of the rain, sidewalk, I am a little hungry, Mianyu, you go to the kitchen for a bowl of porridge boil, okay Mian rain flashed a trace of Yaran, but her stature has not stopped, she smiled and said, Good. Bisheng see Mianyu figure disappeared in the doorway, then Bi trace, Bi sisters, you shut the door for me. Pitt sign to Bi Sheng have something to say, but also a matter of great importance, immediately got up and looked around, and then close the door tightly. Pisheng look solemn, but also with some doubts and puzzled, she is a word authentic, that carriage mad, because someone will shoot and shoot, alerted the horses. fidget cube original Shen Tang s face slightly changed, the original bumps in the first fidget cube original time, the coachman has died, no wonder that the violent bumps, but the driver was no sound. She gently stroked the hair ask Bi Sheng, softly asked, You see that shoot the driver who Bisheng s expression was a bit complicated, and she nodded and shook her head again. He s covered, I do not see his face, but I know his clothes Chapter 32 speculates Last Updated 2011 8 31 8 00 50 words 2595 Bi Sheng raised his head, facing the Bi marks asked, Bi Scar sister, do you remember childhood, uncle master.

Fidget Cube Original but also see the darkness of the night, they thought she was fidget cube original tired, busy, Tang Er is scheduled to be lacking it fidget cube green This is not my grandfather, I listen fidget cube original to your grandmother said, tomorrow morning you But also with the Ronger palace visit imperial concubine empress, I will let A full to send you back to the Garden. Shen grandfather tranquil smile, the grandfather should also rest earlier, the saying goes, do not fight the length of the day, some things that have to figure it slowly, haste makes waste ah. Shen Qian pleased nodded his head, a good haste is not up, my grandfather understood He laughed, while tearing voice shouted, A full, A full Uncle will not know where to emerge from the general to the lightning speed in front of Shen Tong, he respectfully directed at Shen Qian Road, Hou Ye, is to let the old lady back to Laurel Garden Shen Tong laughed fidget cube release date and said, Grandfather has not yet opened, fidget cube original Quan Shu will know his mind, this is the legendary heart there consonance Her rare in front of Shen Qian to show a little daughter Jiaoqiao, Shen Qian Ye Hao, uncle worth mentioning, are revealing the color of Kaihuai, a time, which symbolizes the right of the center of Hou Yuan Hou, Chuanshi dead college, actually filled with a warm atmosphere. Shen Tang Chong Chong Fu Fu a blessing, then gently opened the door, the door, the moonlight thin, but hanging under the eaves of the hexagonal light, but in front of the road was clearly. She was waiting to move, Shen Qian suddenly.hing he should not do. If she expected, the three fidget cube original princes did not suffer any injury, his body has Wu Yong, Shen Feng has blocked for most of his momentum, the face of the body may not have some small scratch fills, Qingfeng front of that one Out, but just put a gesture Bale. Her Mouguang slightly deep, dark thought, the three princes really is not a thing in the pool, the group of enemy forces under the ring, can immediately think of this eye for an eye for a tooth is also a rare eye, but the most amazing is, But only fidget cube for purchase a very small response time, he actually planted the people, the people of public opinion thoroughly to the side. Imperial mind, not only need insight into the fidget cube original opportunities, but also need is the contingency, the mind and trickery, but also a few can be more than moral and moral Think of this, Shen Tang could not help sighed, she was somewhat puzzled and asked Grandpa, Tang Er has always wanted to understand, since the emperor so firmly to the throne to the Prince, then since childhood to a The emperor s standard to ask him, rather than as now so, neither sophistication of human sophistication, do not know how to calculate the resource, around the little man wrapped around the praise in support of the sound fidget cube for adults and kids becomes stupid. Shen Qian slightly surprised a moment, then replied, Tang children want to fork out. Prince Edward is not stupid, and even can be considered talented, but the emperor pain from small pet he was tight, because the first queen di.