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Fidget Cube On The News long sister in law fidget cube on the news deductions, connivance of servants to denigrate his nephew, and personally battle to trap entropy in unfavorable absurd things, if let her continue fidget cube for purchase to control the House House , Do not know how many things to start. She smiled and asked, Yesterday Shen Hao and rest in the white aunt, right Bi Sheng replied, Yes, Yixiang Tang over there a brightly lit night, listen to the ring, who can smash a lot of things. Shen Tong Mouguang flash, mouth bend even greater, Simei imperial imperial concubine was called to the palace to teach six princess female red, she is not, the white aunt of a person dedicated to Shen Hao, fear is a bit dangerous. More water in the back yard. She thought of yesterday s return to the protection of two sister in law. People cast to the peach, I will report to the Qiong Yao, Shen Tong has always been the case, since Liu intends to show good intention, that they will also help her one. She smiled Bisheng recruited, leaned her ear, whispered something, Bi Sheng heard some surprised, but she has not violated the meaning of Shen fidget cube on the news Tong, nodded his head, then walked away. Chapter Fifty three Last updated 2011 9 12 7 46 31 words 2149 The old lady to regain control of the housework, it will restore the dawn and set the province, the rules than in the past was actually a bit more severe, Shen Tang is still the beginning of the day to the grandmother to Yee life to Ann, rain or shine. Second aunt is common, she lived in the Star Lan retired from the event, it seems not really down the North Hou Lin into the moment his head was caught by the door to come out of the bad idea, most of them eager to get away with love daughter relationship, His move is absolutely nothing more than to show that he is a firm Prince Bale. She smiled, That grandfather was already expected that the North Granville North will be action, a moment of indignation, but also because that forest into the disregard of the situation too.To Tang children that ah, Wei North Hou this move, not just for the My grandfather solved the trouble of the future Shen Qian Yi Leng, then is a smile, he stroked his beard, nodded, it seems that this forest into this kid, this time not fidget cube on the news only dig their own graves, but also a hit with a crooked, do this on the Shen s 100 Lee without a victim of things, really God bless Shen Prince Edward is bound to be anti, to the time the three princes ascended the throne, the Prince of loyalty in laws, one can not stay, regardless of the Miss Lin is not the Prince of Princess, Princess Prince is also a product order of the concubine, Wei North Houfu Is bound fidget cube on the news to suppress. If Miss Lin 2 really married in, then the status of Feng Feng will be embarrassed. Shen Tang looked at his grandfather laugh, but the hearts of mixed feelings. If on her heart, nature is not willing to intervene in these hands is the cloud cover the hands of the rain in the church hall. In order to preserve their own and Shen Rong Shen.

Edward or the three princes, so Shen Qian on the armchair, has been closed eyes suddenly Mengde open, he was deeply authentic, Some people want Prince to die, but also fidget cube on the news want to let the three princes back this responsibility. If someone will be caught in Prince Edward, but the three princes fall into fame, but if the Prince is dead, the three princes lost will be life. Not only that, fidget cube reselling the emperor s Thunder fury, maybe the entire Shen s will become the Prince s funerary goods. Tang Tong looked up, flapping his eyes, low and asked Grandfather, according to your opinion, if Prince Edward and the three princes are all down, which will fishermen benefit Shen Qian Fu reconsidered a moment, If the three princes down, Shen, Huang Royal Princess and even the four princes six princess will not have a good life, the emperor s heirs, they only left a five Prince. But the five princes of the mother, but only maiden maiden origin, neither outside the home support, nor the emperor s favor, intelligence is not very good, recently did not hear the five princes and which ministers go close. Shen Tong eyes slightly narrowed up, she low authentic If someone wanted to rely on the emperor to make princes, five princes to support the throne, it is quite feasible. Shen Qian s body slightly startled, This is not impossible. But behind the scenes is not easy to find, whether it is separate from the Fan Wang, or courtiers family, he thought to want to go but can not find the emper.ed by Shen, since the devastated, it is not bad. Shen Rong was a little worried, grandfather has always been fine dragon tiger fierce, how could suddenly be sick Could it be because fidget cube relieves anxiety the big brother thing Shen Tang brow wrinkled, asked, You know Big Brother thing Yesterday, north of Wei Bei Hou to send regret marriage book is when Shen Shi, this thing is also from the Campanulaceae mouth was informed, it is said, was regret marriage is not a glorious thing, in order to take care of Big Brother s mood, grandmother will not let this The news spread over the last few days. But recently returned home sooner or later did not go home with the Ronger, but know. Shen Rong s eyes flashed a trace of resentment, Wei Bei Hou Lin Shu is also the youngest son of college, yesterday, he deliberately went to Big Brother fidget cube on the news s stubble, it is how much is a fidget cube said that some nasty, then fidget cube many colors available finally vowed to say that they Granville North Hou House will not marry her daughter so unpromising big brother, if it can not reveal the end, I really want to go up that kid beat Meng meal. That is to say, Shen Feng early to know the matter of this marriage. Shen Tang thought, and asked, That brother fidget cube on the news heard this, what reaction Shen Rong scratched his head, slightly doubts authentic, This is surprising, if the change is me, listening to these words will not get angry even if it is not always right, but Big Brother seems to have nothing to do with their own, The boy scolded, but also not seen a half minutes moving. Shen.s a bar in the Shek Pik, just because of fidget cube on the news the huge momentum, And crumbled. The car has shaken the shattered, but the horse is bloody, where the driver is more can not be seen. She and fidget cube on the news Bi Sheng did not die in the horseshoe. fidget cube kickstarter shopping Her long sigh of relief, and then a glimpse of his right side of a purple dress gently swinging in the wind under the swing, she suddenly remembered earlier in the quiet of the elders of the Zen Temple, see To the purple boy. Is that to push himself and Bi Sheng to the people, was he She was busy searching the past for the regiment. Purple boy seems to be fainted in the past, his gorgeous robes have been broken, even more worrying is that the exposed purple robe on the white coat, impressively stained with blood. fidget cube release day Shen Tang heart surprised, he was injured Ancestors A face with anxious handsome servant a few flew from the body, he pushed a Shen Tang, the purple will help the young up, when he saw the blood of the body, his face black even more Coal in general. Purple boy s injury that is in the legs, blood is still running out to take out, that handsome Xiaosi brow wrinkled, dig from the arms of the Lao Bantian, did not take out anything. He sighed, then use the veil to cover the wound. Shen Tong mind anxious, but her body usually only with a large Dan also, just have to use Bi Sheng, in addition to self defense powder, her body no other pills. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of grass among the grass called a material, it is hemostatic medicine.

Fidget Cube On The News eps, just about to point to Shen Tong shouted abuse, but somehow, knock to a small stone, knees a soft, then straight down at the ground sat down, Xu is because of pain, Six Princess and then refused to Shen Tang, wail up, pain Shen Tang s brow micro wrinkles, she obviously saw the six princess already fidget cube on the news fidget cube on the news established, how will suddenly tripped by pebbles But the problem is clearly not the moment to consider. She and the princess out of six flowers, no matter what the reasons for the six princess fall fidget cube where can i buy injured, she is immune to blame, not to mention, if the six princess falsely that she will tear down, is the imperial concubine refused to believe that this Words pass out, their reputation must also be subject to some fidget cube on the news hindrance. Electro optical flint, Shen Tang had already made a decision. Her hands slightly open, mouth and hold the touch fidget cube antsy of a smile if there is no like, red six princess called out, Hey Then they head into this endless, the United States was heart flutter Hawthorn. Graceful, like a fairy Linfeng, splash sound, and disappeared in the calm water under. Chapter sixty fifth chapter King and Last Updated 2011 9 21 6 51 15 Word Count 2577 Shen Tang jumped to the heart still holding a trace of luck, six princess since the design of this drama, then she will bring the people will have water. If the good end to the palace Shane, well followed by six princess garden, but died in this remote Department of Hawthorn, the six princess no good. But just into the w.d difficult examinations, even if the test passed, there is an interview, poetry and painting and riding archery arithmetic, must be proficient in two or more, this be pass. Only the big week of the top of the elite giants, only too College of recommendation, and a recommendation only once the opportunity, with this recommendation will be able fidget cube net to directly into the College, as one of the most common students. But no matter which way to enter the College, and only the performance of particularly outstanding, in order to get the teacher s green eyes, a disciple under the teacher s seat. And Cao adults, is a teacher in the teacher, a disciple of Cao adults, is Toshihiko Toshihiko, Cao adult knowledge of the world renowned, as long as he rallying cry, the world s literati clean, are the first to his horse, can become His disciples under the seat, it is equal to one foot into the Albatron. Big nephew Shen Feng then, is admitted to his college too. Qin originally thought that this is because the father should recommend the opportunity to leave his son Shen Song, but who would have thought that the final profit is that sick Sicko She felt the chest burning raging anger, hatred, in this Anyuan Hou House suffered all kinds of grievances, are in the heart of Pentium surging, she biting lip, secretly vowed that he never give up Quiet this week red book list, fidget cube on the news whether it is click, collection or recommendation, are hard to drop over it O o Chapter IX Rescue Last Updated 201.