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Fidget Cube Many Colors Available looking calm, do not care, she will be the subject of a turn, the words will be brought to the shoes and socks up, but this woman s wardrobe was to find out the men s shoes and socks, after all, indecent, Missy What is the rebuttal Shen Tang s face suddenly become dignified, she went to fidget cube website a few, gently won the shoes and socks, slightly Lengle Leng God, and then handed it to Shen Hao hands, the father can see what this shoe fidget cube many colors available Different Shen Hao some unknown so, but that is, Shen Tang asked, he had to pretend fidget cube video to look a lot, This seems to be new shoes, but how could some even yellow Shoe thick, dense stitching, color patterns are top grade , It seems that people do spend a lot of effort shoes. At the end, he asked some puzzled, This shoe, you do not Tang fidget cube many colors available children do Shen Tang sad smile, Tong children dull, which has done such a good shoe.Parents take a closer look, really do not see where it is unusual Shen Hao had to look at one another, but this under fidget cube for anxiety the eyes, but he was shocked, he pointed to the inside of fidget cube many colors available the shoes quivering not very eye catching plum marks fidget cube many colors available asked, This shoe is Mei Niang made The presence of people are surprised a moment, the unique Qin Wen Yan was angry. Shen Tang faint authentic, the mother around the show cicadas will be handed over to the shoes and Tang children, this shoe is the mother of the disease done, but has no chance to give your father you. Two pairs of shoes and socks, but because of the mother s relics, so Tang Er.e time for her Back home to enjoy the filial piety of fidget cube antsy the nephew of the flash two months have passed, it will be Fang mother she should be on the way back to the House. Po sun two and then for a while gossip. The old lady see Shen Tong s face some bad, and see she has been asking amount, not help asked with concern, Tang children how, is where uncomfortable Shen grandmother smiled and shook his head, grandmother hanging heart, the granddaughter has been issued a few days these nightmare, probably after being a nightmare, they did not rest well, so the spirit of some not good. The old lady thought for a moment, asked, Tong children this disease, some time, right Shen Tong nodded his head, playing small there. Uncle invited a lot of doctors seen, said to be surprised at birth, opened a lot of prescription, used many pills, not how effective. The old lady pityingly looked at her, as to seek the Venerable Temple of the static virtual elders, his medical skills, tyranny incurable diseases, aristocratic circles in the capital, or acclaimed the day after the flowers Will be, and other flowers will be over, you hold my post, a trip to the temple if you see how Shen Tang gratefully looked at the old lady, eyes with tears, grandmother for the granddaughter so thoughtful, nature is good. Old lady smiling face look of love, imperial concubine Goddess told the day after the flowers will not show but also show talent, Tang Er you two days to prepare well, if the flowers wi.

, I immediately went to the church to know. She let Bisheng loose for her to tighten the fidget cube many colors available bun, while asked, tomorrow is Shen Hao married Princess Rongfu the day of rejoicing, you said he would come to me, as is what Bisheng thought, Could it be to exhort the asked Miss Is both continued to marry, it is serious following the wife, and the day after tomorrow morning and two young master is to go to the new lady Fangfei Fang please kowtow. Shen Tang s eyes drooping, she remembered that night, Shen Hao specially rushed to the outside of the Country Garden Do not Zhuang, as he is tomorrow and Qin s marriage marriage notice Niangqin. After he left, Niangqin holding himself and Fong kissed again and again, her strong smile to prevent their tears, those who worry and fidget cube many colors available anxiety, nostalgia and dismay of whisper even every so many years, still often dream, sound Sound fidget cube desk toy amazon in the ear. Shen Tang s eyes abruptly cold down, like frost in general, and then not see a trace of temperature, she seems to be strong from the heart to suppress the heart is about to rush out of the intense feelings, biting his lip, said, Go. Laurel Park is the hall, Shen Hao a treasure of blue Jinpao, wearing a thousand years of incense wood made of the crown, a jade like fidget cube with different colors Jun face can not see the age, covered with Gui mediated son of the romantic suave gas, But frowning, and constantly pacing up and down. Shen Tang came in, is to see this pair of scenes, her mouth holding a fidget cube many colors available touch of sneer, gently Shen Hao.tinguish between the dishes in fidget cube many colors available the end Is the market s signature dishes, or two little girl with the tinker. To An Yuan Hou House, Laurel Park, there is a small kitchen, Shen Tang s one should supply only a little worse than the old lady and Mo s one point, compared to the Qin are all, so like the food Shen Tang, boring When the favorite is BiSheng BiCao torment with the new dish. Of course, she is not moving hands of Miss. Miss you see, is the second Miss and three Miss, who is the six princess Shen Tong along the direction of Bi Sheng looked in the past, it really is Shen Zi Yan, Shen Zi fidget cube many colors available Shu and six princess Zhao Pianpian three. She remembered the six princess on their inexplicable hostility, could not help twist the fidget cube many colors available lower eyebrows, facing Bi Sheng Road, so they first passed, we go, so here played a conflict, may not look good. Shen Ziyan three gradually approaching, and their conversation will clear up. Shen Zi Shu Road, to see her proud of the kind, we must let her look good Shen Zi Yan apparently more cunning than her sister, she hugged the side of the six princess s arm, softly, Princess, not purple Shu regardless of the sisters of love, it is her Zhangkuang look, people look too far, not to mention her Today the pride of the spring, and so back to the government to go, for fear that even our Niangqin not put in the eyes of the princess, you do not think our sisters two heart bad She strokes to retreat, so that the six princess will be filled with not know each other. Although these words are to rescue, but with some joking. Shen Tang heart surprised, she suddenly remembered the Emperor Royal has been intending to make a pair of her and Zhao Mu, when she refused though, Royal Concubine also seem to agree with her view, but who can guarantee her Royal Concubine Suddenly a temporary meaning Zhao Mu thought of the future, not a very top of the board, that is, expel dust off, and these two outcomes are not acceptable to her, so the hearts of Zhao Musheng just two points to enjoy a good impression, they are immediately dissipated. Her heart is a hundred thousand turn back, Zhao Mu Qinglang laughter will ring up in the ears, Mother Fei said, the seventh day of next month, it is Qiaoqiao Festival, the child was going to please Banyan cousin and cousin together Qingfenglou to enjoy it, when many people, fidget cube many colors available if accidentally cousin mistaken, would not be a big joke fidget cube many colors available Imperial concubine smile more joy, said Fung House green drinks really big Monday absolutely, I like Tanger so large, often changed men, and brother brother secretly went that some booze, Once n Drink cheerful, but unexpectedly the box door was suddenly kicked open, the man turned out to be the father. Shen Rong heard, busy asked, Later Royal Grand Concubine will be directed at Shen Rong laughed, Later, your grandfather put us three to escort back to the Hou House, but the eldest brother is the world, often go out to socialize, I am a woman, the future.

Fidget Cube Many Colors Available been guided by the Mongolian Medicine St. two days, count Do not know medicine, but a person s pulse is stable, is strong, or can be heard out. Shen Qian nodded his head, the late second wife Fang fidget cube black and green and drug St. quite paternity, he is heard, so it seems, Tanger some superficial medicine, it is not worth mentioning. He whispered to the back room, Little Brother, come out Zhi Ya sound, then from the study side of the small door flash in a handsome servant, it is strict knowledge. official fidget cube His expression on the face of some angry, muttering his mouth, met with Shen Tang sidewalk, Miss Shen, my family progenitor, because it is to save you into this, you have to bear it up Shen Tang, with his brow, pointed to the room, he is inside Yan know nodded his head, his face a little reddish, Shen Houye has seen, and my family since the day the world is indeed a subconscious coma, counting has been nearly two months. To please the hospital money medicine is too, the money that the world is not serious illness, and rest two days will be good, but how many days He paused, and then said, my family of a man in the capital of the Royal Palace, where the servants, the fidget cube discount code servants are all people under the emperor, I can not find a person to discuss, they had to first brought to the world An Yuan Hou House, and Shen Houye resourceful, Miss Shen and intelligent unparalleled, the two must have a way to make my family a good father. Shen Tong feel some pain in his forehead, she asked, of respected long entrenched Miss, but the bitterness of the inside but only a few of us know. She paused, pointing to the southwest continue to say, I wish we were Missy and the two young master down the mold, do not know how many ears to arrange the number of pairs of eyes waiting to see our jokes. Can be so silly door to give them as a target Shentang fidget cube for sale uk pulled the hands of the two maidservants, some moving to say, You two are from my uncle s home to bring back, grow up with me, although we fidget cube many colors available are the main servant, but in fact pro sisters but also pro I only hope that you will not be caught in the hands of the people. Bi trace, Miss you worry, I and Bi Sheng is not that the power of the weak hand of the weak woman, uncle to put our two of you, not to let you worry about the two of us of Carter, bi scratches to know that he was wrong, she carefully looked at Shen Tong, eyes filled with worry, Miss Shen Tang s face flashed a trace of sadness, a sense of loss to sigh, You re right, and I Rongrong back to An Yuan Hou House, not to see Qin s face. But soon, she resumed the look, smiled and said, long way to go, I want to muster the spirit, not to achieve the goal never give up Bi marks to see her just slumped and pale, a mention of the heart is finally put down, she gently said, still early, Miss and then break, until the point, and then call you, and today uncle and Erye come back from the south, the old lady that, had to go to go as early as possible, so.