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Fidget Cube Kickstarter Shopping rd, but heard the door of the Chamber of Secrets was suddenly opened, uncle stumbled and ran in, Shen Qian snapped, A full, secret room can not arbitrarily trespassing, you actually forgot Uncle raised his head, his eyes red, choked Road, Hou Ye, Grandpa he Grandpa, he did not Shen Qian heard this, a stiff body, No Uncle whispered nodding, Yes, no Shen Tang gushed out of the hearts of an indescribable sadness, back to see her grandfather has always fidget cube kickstarter shopping been tough body suddenly collapsed down, unable to fall in the chair. Silence for a long time, Shen Qian Fang waved, facing the Quan Shu Road, A whole, you go out, I think about it, I have to think about. Uncle found Shen Qian wrong, some hesitantly looking at Shen Tang, since Shen Tang was allowed to enter the Shen s core, he will naturally Shen Tang see even higher than the original position. Shen Tong nodded his head, You go, my grandfather here, there I am. Uncle got Shen Tang s instructions, dare to back out. The secret room, quietly terrible. Shen Tang s eyes with tears, she tried to calm down their emotions, and then persuaded, Grandfather, great uncle s hatred, may have not been reported, and even the murderer who we are unable to determine. Will also fall down, Shen s really messy, so, would not take advantage of the enemy s mind Shen Qian s hands, involuntarily tightly shook up, hard to punch the book case, and then stood up, You re right, my grandfather can not fall. Shen Tang saw the grandfather.1 8 9 8 00 51 Word Count 2225 After a few days of windy fidget cube kickstarter shopping showers, the weather warmed, sunny, green grass fertile, flowers in full bloom, not only between the heaven and earth for the new look of the new landscape, it seems that all the unhappiness of the government of Anyuan all swept away While empty. Grandfather Shen Qian has not appeared for many days, and also did not hear people talk about the election Princess Prince matter, Shen Tang will know their safety. She stopped in the hands of the medical case, looked at sat met meticulous seriously read the brother, not help laughing, to see what Shen Rong shook the book cover, see the national policy. Grandfather gave such a stack of books, fidget cube kickstarter shopping so a few days to bite on the end, is really too difficult for me Say, I am not going to test the counselor, the future Nor into the official, to see what is the use of these Nephew like uncle, Shen Rong and Fang Mingxuan, as the knife is very interesting to get a knife, but the face of a thick subset of history, began to have some hair ignorant. He does not understand, but not interested. But some things are necessary to learn, so, it should fidget cube kickstarter shopping not interested in the also become interested. She said with a smile, Since the recommendation of the grandfather, too into the College is the ironclad.I guess that Cao adults will hear fidget cube kickstarter shopping that you are the distant mountain public had grandson, only an exception to you this opportunity, since already wanted to To see you, that into the h.

you want to see you, then most of the adults agree to accept you as a disciple, and this rare opportunity, you have to take a good grasp. Shen Rong extremely happy, could not help jumping up, this time is not loaded, and he has long been on the big brother of the mouth of the College too envy for a long time, it is not really much on the pursuit of knowledge, just be able to out of the government This one, it has been enough to let him yearn for. He could not help to look to the sister s face, see her slightly nodded his head, just know that my sister helped him. See him looking at his hair flute, Shen Tang could not help laughing, Ronger is happy bad Not too grateful to my grandfather. Shen Qian see grandchildren so happy, the hearts of that pleased, smiled and said, These days you have to be well prepared to let his grandfather disappointed. Qin s fist grip tightly, long nails to the top of the palm was sore, but she fidget cube kickstarter shopping was not aware of, she felt the anger of the heart almost diffuse out. Shen Ming Yue for this disease Yinsangzi early, it also fills themselves with Shen Ming Yue like a bad character in general, since childhood is not and. Can even father of this fidget cube kickstarter shopping sick seedling recommended to the College of Cao adults Everyone knows that college is the largest university of the week, the DPRK officials are mostly from the size of too college. But too much into college, but need to go through the most stringent assessment, the need to go through three rigorous an.of the children. Qin lost his big face this time, will not let go. Her face flashed a trace fidget cube relief anxiety stress of remorse, see the old lady to her steps, could not help soft down, rubbing in the Mo s, the tweaking to squeeze on the Qin Road, said, Ersao, is my wrong. Qin heart hated teeth itch, but in front of everyone s face, especially the old lady s face, she had to put on a fidget cube relieves stress generous appearance, barely smiled, Nothing. Shen Tang amazon fidget cube saw a play, but my heart was not directly reckless aunt to pinched the Khan, Qin is a Grievance next fidget cube shopping will report the person, this time her aunt let her face discredited, majestic no longer be considered knot Under the hatred. Soon, the flower hall will be swept away just tense atmosphere, and so on Hou Yuan Shen Qian, uncle Shen source, Eryhen Shen Hao, San Ye Shen Mu accompanied Guye Su Changhai to the time, it is a laughter constantly. Shen Qian s feelings hate. Rare, he cheerfully asked his old wife, What to say, so happy. The old lady replied with a smile, The children are all together, bustling, my heart happy, no matter what, can laugh out. Shen Qian smiled and laughed, Yes ah, our government, a long time not so lively. He paused, as if suddenly fidget cube relieves stress remembered something, smiled and announced to the crowd, speaking, I also have a happy event to tell you. He smiled and directed at Shen Rong said, Ronger, you are full of twelve years old, and also to go too college to learn more knowledge, know some friends, and I have too fidget cube kickstarter shopping college Cao adults said, If.a similar age at home granddaughter, they want to find a chance to get to know about the eldest He changed the subject, just, here but right and wrong, the eldest or the first return to the House of the good. Carter, the field will be a movement, Lin Shu to the full strength of feeding, full attack to the Shen Feng. Shen Tang surprised, but see the field of Shen Feng smile calm, not panic, but gently a dodge, they will Lin Shu s best shot to hide in the past. Her heart a little set, they heard Shen Rong softly in her ear, my sister assured that Big Brother has been diligent study and hard work, Kung Fu day by day, a lot of sophistication, Lin Shu that several fist punched and embroidered legs, could not hurt him. See Shen Tang is still some concern, Shen Rong down the voice, Big Brother s injury in the Ming Department, that fidget cube for sale australia Lin Shu s injury is not just a few faces on his face. Shen Tang nodded his head, want to come to this Lin Shu ping too much in the College too many grudges, then see Shen Feng advantage, where they are willing to persuade them to open Just to those adults, led by Cao adults, actually also stand idly by. Chapter 69 Transfer Updated 2011 9 23 8 01 01 words 2105 In the urge of Shen Rong, Shen Tong had to follow the crowd out of the whole uncle, back to the carriage on the road, Shen Tong could not help but ask, Uncle, you say why they do not discourage big adults Cao and Lin Shu confrontation Uncle thought, Wei North Hou government of the Lin.

Fidget Cube Kickstarter Shopping own. Footsteps getting closer, Shen Tong no time to explain, hastily open, help me, escape the back of the two men. Zhao Wei brow micro wrinkles, one will Shen Tang hug into his arms, his footsteps lightly, and slowly put her on the wall, he carefully hoop her flustered body struggling, warm Breathed evenly on her earlobe, he softly said, Do not move, for a while. Shen Tang to give up the struggle, because the pace of the two men are already in sight. She heard one of the people on the line of Zhao Yu ceremony, but Zhao Yu s head buried deep in her neck, just hum the two, is considered to know. That the two side of the walk, while laughing, said, As early as I heard that the king likes the female color, can not think of such a hurry, here actually lingering on. Yes ah, I do not know his body under the woman, what kind of stunning, Gee, to make the world like this master of love, and would fidget cube kickstarter shopping like to be a stunner, really want to see something. Shen Tang heart dark indignation, his face long red clouds one, but this time if she pushed Zhao Yu, that is the capital of the big joke. She low Yi Tan, micro not to Zhao Yu s arms and buried a bit. Can not let anyone see her face, and now can only be the case. Zhao Yu s eyes exposed cold intended to kill. So that the two completely disappear, he did not get enough to reluctantly to the arms of the children were loosened. He looked at Shen Tang reddish face Lengle surprised a moment, then put on a despised self delusion of.nonsense, but the second lady said only, and then I came back and did not hear anything. Shen Tang s fidget cube kickstarter shopping face could not help showing a bit ridiculed, Qin is afraid of things that Li Po would like to know fidget cube instructions the House is the bar. She smiled, but did not say anything. Suddenly fidget cube kickstarter shopping Bi Scarlet pulled her sleeve, she blink of an eye looked, actually see more than two months to reclusive out of the Mo s ginkgo, accompanied by, fidget cube youtube in the Dan Qingyuan the door. She exclaimed in surprise, Great aunt Mo s clean up a lot, his face is also some pale, she directed at Shen Tong smile, Tong children are here. In a messy courtyard swept again, frowning asked, What happened here How messy Shen Feng traces of the tree under the jug to the shade in the foot kicked, and then his face piled a smile to his face, one will be Mo s arm hug over, Mother, come, to the inside sit. His eyes glowing little bit of tears, the mother from his father to the situation after he knew, but he was also immersed in the great sadness and loss, can not extricate themselves, he also had to persuade the fidget cube red beginning, but persuaded a few After no fruit, he was cool on the cooler of the heart, all day long drink to fidget cube by christmas fidget cube kickstarter shopping worry about, intoxicated wine dream, they no longer gave birth to a mother. Now he has just come to their senses, to see his mother finally out of the door, not help from the flu, could not help but wet eyes up. Shen Tang see his mother seems to have a thousand words fidget cube kickstarter shopping to say, then smiled to Mo and Shen Feng mad.