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Fidget Cube Green mered Road, is the little girl told us that the laurel garden, the young master of the table from the waves we do not close, or where I can know these Shen Tang laughed, Yes, yes. It will no longer continue on the topic just now. Bi marks 14, and if born in the main house, is the ordinary small door, has also been married to the age. Su suddenly young and handsome, but also a scholarly elegance, most of the women have a lethal, Bi scar if he had a good impression, it is not surprising. But this troubled world, hierarchical. If the maid insisted on with the master together, only concubine a road, and even concubine is not easy to make. White aunt, Shen Hao s study in the wait for three years, has been nameless, at most count a room, is born Shen Zi Yu had just carried the aunt, but if it fidget cube green is not Shen Zi Yu flowers in the culmination, Shen Hao Aiwu and Ukraine, but also treat her different eyes up, how can there be today s scenery. Gates large backyard, and more is nobody cares, to the dead are unknown membership of the concubine. However, Bi scars, and even the qualifications for intercourse are not. How can a cousin to their own close to the cousin of the maid to make room for the truth So Shen Tang will no longer take Bihen moment of gaffe joke, so jest her, she was suddenly to the Soviet Union to miss on the time, only to provoke sad, empty sad. Bi mark that is not to say what kind of mind is not saved, that is, what really thought, Shen Tang is also to pinc.booing, so fidget cube green that among them to drink this soup, it is not the middle of the man s trick However, if the words along the Shen Tong meaning, knowing that this soup is a problem, Tang Tang will be donated to the soup, but she could not do. Shen Zi yu s hesitation, so Shen Tang good mood, at least she helped the fidget cube green sister, not the supercilious wolf, although her help is not pure, but if the Shen Zi yu on the spot will give it to her cup of soup, she is bound to Feel a little uncomfortable. Bisheng Shen Zi Yu gently in the ear said, Nothing, the eldest had a way to deal with. Shen Zi yu heard these words, dare to say, Since my sister like this soup, sister nature can not hide private, Bi Sheng, to give you the master to help the soup take it His words, has been paying attention to the Shen Zi yu Shen Ziyan and Shen Zishu movement, his face suddenly ugly expression, Shen Zi Yan twisted hands in the hands of the child, but soon she quietly down. This duck stew ginseng soup, adding a large number of Croton, Shen Zi Yu is a special, this soup is eligible to enjoy the title of the quarry, and when the six princess spoke, Shen Zi Yu is not drink, drink, as long as a drink, Not a moment, Shen Zi Yu will be painful, and then no image to go to the toilet, and no longer get out. At that time, Shen Zi yu s chief, will no longer be a beauty, just a letter of the joke. Twenty third from food Last Updated 2011 8 22 8 00 08 Word Count 2180 But now Shen Zi Yan s eyes flashed a bi.

outing woman, is fidget cube green undoubtedly Ladies, but she was a mere sweep of the Old Woman, how can so much courage in the yard of the master dare clamor Look Su cousin fidget cube green looks like this, surely these indecent rumors have been spread throughout the Anyuan Houfu. She smiled quietly, Thank you, cousin cousin s concern, Tang Er is just something to the big brother to send something, it should be no harm. Then she turned to the direction of the Danqingyuan walked, do not care behind the Soviet Union suddenly anxious to call. Chapter 41 Persuasion Last Updated 2011 9 4 16 00 47 Word Count 2175 Shen Tang to the Dan Qingyuan the door, they heard the vaguely heard bursts fidget cube pink of ripping sound inside, to discuss the sound and the abuse of the verbal abuse. Her brow micro wrinkle, red marks made Bi a wink. Bi marks pushed the door, the Shen Tang Road, Miss, the door was locked from the inside. Shen Tang frowned deeper, for me fidget cube kickstarter purchase to open the fidget cube green door Bi mark is a skill of people, smashing the door of such a trivial natural hard to beat her, but a blink fidget cube green of an eye, which locked the courtyard will crash and open. Danqing yard, a group of girl is crazy also like a siege of a middle aged woman, the average fashion considered gentle and dexterous woman, but now one by one into a bitch, the middle aged woman is scuffle, but also kick , Bad language is heard. Flower pots, cups broken to a ground, the courtyard of the flowers have also been a calamity, but usually the most gentle and courteous fridge cube Shen top grade. The value of this box Zhuhua, it is a lot of money. Liu to re treasure with the fidget cube green gift, not just because to congratulate his birthday, mostly for their own prescriptions. Such a person, she does not love easily owed to the human, had much of the benefits, they have to be equal to the benefits also. If you do not accept this box, it seems to be something to fidget cube green bother her. Shen Tang laughed and washed Bi Sheng nodded, Bi Sheng will bowed to the front of the box will be closed down, Liu was seeing, laughing even more open. Bi marks see Liu s cup will be bottoming out, busy with her full of tea, Christine Road, the sentence, fidget cube walmart Liu aunt, please use. Liu see Shen Tang s two personal girl are all very respectful to her, the hearts of more and more happy, and said with a smile, Missy around the two girl, really impress, act decisively, neat and capable, that I met is Happy. Suddenly, her face becomes a bit subtle, one by one sentence to consider the Road, yesterday, she came to my look at the beacons of light, Child, talking about the big kitchen Li steward, I do not know what a maidservants on the laurel garden, to his son to do his wife, fidget cube set the day before to seek his wife, his wife seems to be down, and gave Li steward this grace. Shen Tong face slightly changed, fidget cube green Qin eat a cut, not a long wisdom, her hand also stretched too long, seems to have made up his mind and his fight in the end. Her eyes flashed, turned to see Liu s time, is already a calm, Thank you, au. that the legislature Erlang for Seiko s edict, I am afraid will immediately come to.Elang even if not a device, in the emperor s fueled, but also had to bite the bullet on this position ah He turned around and looked carefully Shen Tang a deep, authentic, If you have to do so, then the Jiro on the surface, confuse the enemy as long as I die a day, Shen s have time and opportunity, waiting for Fenger and Ronger grow up Shen Tang shocked, this and what about Ronger She was busy looking to the grandfather, but his grandfather was only back to Mo Mo smile, so that her heart suddenly all of a sudden high low, extremely disturbed. Shen Tong mind full of worry, with her intelligence, but just reasoned rationale, she will understand why the grandfather to be involved in Ronger. Yes, if the father Shen Hao became a son, that Shen Rong is the next term of the world, for grandfather, training Shen Hao this has set the type of dude, nature is not as easy to cultivate Shen Rong and insurance. Moreover, the grandfather has long been an insight into the skill of Ronger, he is now worshiped Cao adults under the door, and gradually into the circle of the nobility of the capital, and also mixed too bad. This Shen Rong, in fidget cube green addition to already no one mother, Shen Feng is not worse than. But fidget cube black and green she did not want to Shen Rong involved in the title of the dispute, Qin s jealous heart is strong, she is very clear, if Shen Hao really became a son, Qin is bound to let go of.

Fidget Cube Green ery is also too good for it, the text of the slave is in addition to spending a lot of effort, but also sent him to Biluo Xiang Sun Momo that delicious delicious When a master general possessor, not for his reading, this will be sent to even the ice. Shen Tang smiled and scraped scraping Bi Sheng s nose, you a silly girl, but also to eat vinegar Bi Sheng will be the other end of fidget cube green the past, the mouth Dudu fidget cube order Lao Gao. Shen Tong feel funny, Wen Xiu smart capable, but a few days will be packed Cangwu hospital properly Tiepian, as is the brother of her, I Wenqing a good point, Wenxiu will be also very me. She said, I have seen the child Wenqing, quite good qualifications, character is also fidget cube relieves stress superior, if well cultivated, the future is to be promising, to the time in the Ronger or is also a power. Remove the slaves, but a fee more Kung Fu Qian Bo, the text of the raising of nothing more than make a few money, but it can let the kitchen of the garden of the garden assured Cangwu close the door of the hospital, but also harvest a few loyalty, so cheap Of things, why fidget cube ebay not Bi Sheng thought for a moment, see indeed this reason, his face will be restored to a smile. fidget cube shop At this time, musk to report, Miss, Houye around the uncle came. Shen Tang whole look, welcome out. Uncle face expression some strange, seems to be strongly suppressed the hearts of the smile, but his face was also flashed Jisi hesitation, to the eldest to please Ann. Laowu Hou Ye ordered the life, there are two thi.on the tiptoe in Shen Mu s ear whispered, Let me go, maybe I have a way to save Uncle. I have drugs in the hands of St. Tang in a rotating Dan, let me look in, maybe large Uncle is saved. Shen Mu body startled, looked shocked at Shen Tong, a drug in the name of St. Tang naturally heard of him, the legend of his turn Dan back to life, but more rumors, but like a holy drug hiding in the fog after , Then no one can glimpse of true capacity. But he soon figured out the joint, he had heard of the already dead Ersao, with the medicine in some Tang Tang origin, so to say, Shen Tong holding his odd drug, it is not impossible. He nodded, Well, I ll take you inside Chapter 29 The Murderer Last updated 2011 8 28 8 00 24 words 2214 A step into the grandmother s house, Shen Tang will smell a strong bloody gas. Great aunt quietly sitting on the bed, one hand tightly holding the fidget cube green uncle s hand, from her slightly swollen eyes, we can see that she had just severely cried. Big brother Shen Feng is standing behind his mother, his face looked calm and looked at his face pale unconscious father, his hand tightly clutched, seems to be trying to forbear their emotions. Grandfather looked serious, pacing up and down the house, only that some slightly messy pace, proclaimed the grandfather s inner anxiety and panic. And several imperial doctor, is Shen Yuan s injury and helpless. An imperial doctor said, For the sake of this, it is the first to pull out the three arrows to the Seiko i.