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Fidget Cube For Adults And Kids small cups, evenly for their sister points soup, and respectfully sent to their respective cases. Under the watchful eyes of Shen Zi Yan and Shen Zi Shu could not think of a way to refuse, can not open refused. This is the imperial concubine of the soup, but also dip the Shen Zi Yu festivity, which also contains An Yuan Hou Fu Shen s sisters, they can not refuse. Moreover, if the refusal, then easily lead to suspicion of others, once the test out of fidget cube lowest price his sister even dare to give the imperial concubine in the soup, the Croton, that is the imperial concubine of great disrespect. Even if they are two imperial concubines niece, but also escape the punishment. Shen Zi Yan is self hesitated, they see Shen Tang and Shen Zi Shu elegant manner to the light of the soup drained. Shen Tong s mouth with a warm smile, she softly said, Second sister Sister, not all like to drink this soup, how do not drink Shen Zi Yan Shen Tong smile just feel very harsh, her heart a hard, they think the weight of Croton has been divided into four, presumably will not be strong where to go, the worst, but is back to the House after a few downtown Days belly pain. Moreover, she is now the most disgusting of these two people, also the soup to drink down, she will suffer the crime, they fidget cube kickstarter shopping can not escape. Think of it, she would bite the teeth, put up in front of the soup, said with a smile, Thank you Simei generous, so I have the opportunity to be a dip Simei glory. She will feed all the soup into.pretend to be sick, alcohol Wangshi Zi why not Is the king of the world and then the usual color, in the Buddhist powerhouse also had to hold some of it. For a time, that purple teenager s identity, it is not good to confirm. She looked up, is not far away Bi Sheng hurriedly ran over, not help Chen Dao, What is so anxious, but also fidget cube for adults and kids labor you fidget cube target run so fast Bisheng s face showed a heavy and anxious look, Miss, the old lady sent someone to pick you back, to be fast, luggage I packed up to you, the carriage in front. Shen Tang some puzzled, could not help asking, This is how it Not to live two days of it House in the end what happened, so you panic Bi Sheng deep authentic, Grandpa in the way he was assassinated, serious injuries, fear is dead. Shen Tang s body violently startled, and then in the Bi Sheng s lead, the step toward the grandmother sent to the carriage. Carriage speeding in the twists and turns of the mountain, bumpy, but fidget cube for adults and kids Shen Tang did not care, she just sat down, without a word. Uncle Shen source, is a gentle and generous people, than the Shen Hao the cool thin father, Shen source of care for her down more like a father. Two years ago, they siblings just entered the Hou Yuan Hou, and no less by the Qin and Shen Ziyan Shen Zi Shu bully, but every time Qin difficult to her, as long as the big uncle presence, is in any case under the guarantee They siblings. Shen Hao did not know because his father did not dare to face to escape, or because really do not.

too hard for some. In, it would be like Her voice is getting lower and lower, but like a heavy hammer severely beat in the old lady s heart. Shen Tong Ying Ying to salute, and then back down. She just out fidget cube target of Yixiang Tang, Bi scratches then rushed to meet up, Miss, okay Shen Tang nodded, go back to say. Laurel Park in quietly, but Shen Tang s heart is not calm. That bonsai paper roll, is you put in Shen Tong side with a finger tapping the case, while asked. Bi fidget cube for anxiety pathology, that coral bonsai I and Bi Sheng received under the time, it has been carefully checked, and there is nothing wrong, but Miss you feel suspicious, I hurried back to pondering again Unexpectedly, there really is a problem. There fidget cube for adults and kids s a strange bump on the pelvic carving, she continued, fidget cube for adults and kids fidget cube discount and I only lightly pressed it, and a fidget cube for adults and kids paper roll came up. Shen Tong took over, gently start, the mouth will smile more powerful smile, and some yellowish paper, with ink pen sketch a outline of a villain, in the outline, is a birthday Character, and fidget cube for adults and kids villain of the vital parts, then all have been cut into a hole. She smiled and said, This is the birthday of the eight characters, is Qin s, right Bi mark nodded, is indeed. Shen Tang crumpled the paper roll, but also learn the old lady is so thrown into the smoked furnace. At this time, musk to report, Miss intrinsic, Wenxiu see. Chapter seventy six text embroidery Updated 2011 9 29 9 50 49 words 2127 Shen Tang looked deeply at the text of the vertical hand embro.he aunt s face wroth looming, they continue to win the questioning asked, You just said nothing has not heard, it would have heard me call his cousin, can be called my cousin , Only the Soviet cousin Zhao cousin, but the two Zhao cousin as a prince, living in the palace, it is impossible to come late at night to my Hou government, so to say, you today to identify the Soviet cousin was actually Mianyu momentary trance, holding his head Road, I do not know, I do not know. Qin is suddenly interrupted, is not, is not, what do not know You worry, you are telling the truth, no one will tell you the truth because you punished. Mian Yu s body suddenly startled, she remembered that she is still under the control of Ms. Qin Qin Niangqin and his brother, if their answer was not to satisfy Mrs. Qin, his life is not guaranteed, but also followed, but Niangqin And his brother may have to suffer, and the thought of Ms. Qin s means, her hand could not help shaking badly. No, can not let Niangqin and his brother were implicated She looked up slowly, the eyes of a gray defeat, is the Soviet cousin, yes, the lady called the cousin of the Soviet Union. Shen Tong is not angry, his mouth smile was bent deeper, and she whispered to ask, I ask again, you can determine Mian rain fidget cube by christmas face bleak, seems to have lost the last trace of anger, she nodded woodenly, like a pull line of the puppet, I m sure, is the Soviet fidget cube for adults and kids cousin, yes. The old lady s eyelids jump, hand holding the side will jump u.e. Uncle in the side of the road echoed, Yes ah, Yan brother brought you back to you Shibo Where How fidget cube for adults and kids not to come out Yen know seems to be thinking about what, after a long time before Nana tunnel, Shi Bo said, the child s condition is very common, only a pills will be able to cure, I have brought medicine to, after taking, For my home son Yun Gong healing, the two please avoid. It was so far fetched that Shen Tong smirked, but she still said, Good. Zhao Yu heard footsteps far away, then opened his eyes, and then immediately toward the bar he was looking at the hands of the past, slender white fingers, but did not see any trace of pinholes. He could not help but stay. Yan know the muffled authentic, Do not think, we both have on the Miss Shen Da. When there is no lily bleeding, but she is on the ground to put a bowl of red ink only, fidget cube for adults and kids it makes people tremble with fear Of the tick, but also touched the red ink wet handkerchief, put in the bowl, the ink dripping issue of ringing it. fidget cube for adults and kids Zhao Yu weak grasping the scratch, to know her smart sly, but did not expect such a cunning, it really is Yen know grunted, said earlier, you like people, on the go for the emperor, rather than engage in these thankless little trick. Shen Hou Ye is what people, you do not know, this is good Although this is easy to say, but it is not so simple to do. Zhao Yu know that although the emperor to take care of their own have added, can be considered love, but this is built on their o.

Fidget Cube For Adults And Kids at Shen Tang was the gift of the day on the food all have done. She is both complacent and earnestly greeted Shen Tang to sit down, a pair of eyes looking at Shen Tong Ying, how can this taste better Shen Tang carefully taste all kinds of dishes are a few mouthfuls, smiled and said, This is a very high standard of dishes, very fresh taste very beautiful, his wife s fear of even the palace of the Royal Chef should be less than one third. Won praise, Mrs. Cao s face, laughing to open a flower. She will be Bi Sheng to the seats, Today you are hero, if you taught me to use the onion oil will be transferred out of the taste of duck, this Road, how can the red palm dial Qingbang so crisp taste, Sit down and work together. Bi Sheng hurriedly declined, but Mrs. Cao by the tight, she really hard to break free, had to be a pair of innocent and slightly more hope to fidget cube for adults and kids look toward the Shen Tang. Shen Tong said with a smile, Since Mrs. Cao let you sit down, then you sit down. She has always been not care about these rules, the former home in Huainan, Bi Sai Bi and marks fidget cube for adults and kids are also sitting with the same food, and later to the An Yuan Hou House, the status of embarrassment, the situation is delicate, Up, so as to avoid erratic line, so that Qin seized the opportunity to fidget cube coupon attack. Bi Sheng gratefully thanked her husband to Cao, only to sit down carefully. She was a lively temper, but stiff for a while, then put on the open, with a laughing words during the banquet, said funny jok.followed Mrs. Cao, but more to the inside The more it is scared to go, this house within the courtyard of the home furnishings and the Huai fidget cube for adults and kids Nan Fang Hing home Songhe Park is generally the same. In front of a melodious sound of music, Shen Tong looked up, sometimes actually stifled in place Text Chapter 82 of the attack jade Shen Tong looked up at the place, it is a corner of the octagonal pavilion, Fang Fei in front of flowers and trees, from time to time a good smell of cigarettes curl rising. A woman wearing silver colored clothes is fiddling with the strings, her side of the knees, UFA, such as paint, and occasionally turn the face side, exposing white jade neck. Her side is very soft, with the southern woman s gentle and wide, but let Shen Tang as the general stay in the electric shock. Shen Tang reminding us of scenes in a dream, low whisper, Niangqin Madam Cao s footsteps, turned to smile asked, Tang children looking at what, how not to move forward My family in front of the child in the Pavilion. Shen Tong recovered, barely a smile, This sounds elegant and moving, Tang Er hear crazy, and actually forget the step, I do not know who played this Madam Cao waited for her to follow her, and she walked side by side with her, she said with a smile, Fu children if you hear her so praise her, is to be proud of bad, come here to go. Shen Tang laughed with the up, but fidget cube uk the hearts of the stormy sea is lifted more violent up, here almost Huainan hom.