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Fidget Cube Antsy ble. Shen Tang nodded his head to the ginkgo to Zhancha, good to wait for the fidget cube antsy whole leisure to wait for the three late sister. Great aunt Mo really was right, Shen Ziyan even a few carefully dressed, how can the wrong past flowers will be the hour Chen had just passed, Shen Zi Yan took Shen Zi Shu to the Ming Court, Shen Zi Yu followed. Compared with Shen Zi Yan and Shen Zi Shu s bright and beautiful, Shen Zi Yu this body Su short dress is simply shabby. But Shen Tang is her dress is quite appreciated, a slightly applied Fen Dai s little face, purer and fidget cube antsy pleasant, azure Crocodile rose brocade embroidered gown, elegant side, the celestial Shen Zi Yu embroidered colorful butterflies lifelike, vibration Wings to fly, down even more clearly show her mind. She directed at Shen Zi yu smiled, on Mo s Road, great aunt, Tanger Jiugen Simei a carriage bar. Mo nodded in the consent, the Shen Tang Shen Shen Zi Shu Shen Shen Zi regardless of the sharp eyes, pulling the hands of fidget cube release day the car purple yu. Shen sister, I listen to you, deliberately wore the clothes out of this body, although by the second sister and third sister a good pass through mockery, but I think that this dress than they are clothes, To look better. Shen Tang laughed more and more quiet, flowers at the meeting, are Gonghou Wangfu your daughter, they are naturally very luxurious dress, and if they are the same, it is not into the vulgar flow, how can you show your Chic Shen Ziyu transparent Linghui, naturally., I immediately went to the church to know. She let Bisheng loose for her to tighten the bun, while asked, tomorrow is Shen Hao married Princess Rongfu the day of rejoicing, you said he would come to me, as is what Bisheng thought, Could it be to fidget cube kickstarter for sale exhort the asked Miss Is both continued to marry, it is serious following the wife, and the day after tomorrow morning and two young master is to go to the new lady Fangfei Fang please kowtow. Shen Tang s eyes drooping, she remembered that night, Shen Hao specially rushed to the outside of the Country Garden Do not Zhuang, as he is tomorrow and Qin s marriage marriage notice Niangqin. After he left, Niangqin holding himself and Fong kissed again and again, her strong smile to prevent their tears, those who worry and anxiety, nostalgia and dismay of whisper even every so many years, still often dream, sound Sound in the ear. Shen Tang s eyes abruptly cold down, like frost in general, and then not see a trace of temperature, she seems to be strong from the heart to suppress fidget cube antsy the heart is about to rush out of the intense feelings, biting his lip, said, Go. Laurel Park is the hall, Shen Hao a treasure of blue Jinpao, wearing a thousand years of fidget cube desk toy kickstarter incense wood made of the crown, a jade like Jun face can not see the age, covered with Gui mediated son of the romantic suave gas, But frowning, and constantly pacing up and down. Shen Tang came in, is to see this pair of scenes, her mouth holding a touch of sneer, gently Shen Hao.

ater, she would regret it. This pond does not look deep, but she can not explore how in the end, at the beginning of time can still rely on past life fairly improvise swimming skill, try to keep their balance float, but because this body has never been Into the water, but only for a while, they feel a bit difficult. Six Princess of the people do not come, and even a sound has not been issued, they are gone Shen Tang could not help smile, their thousands of thousands of operators, even did not count to six princess temperament, is really seeing himself fall into the water, it fidget cube antsy is possible panic under the escape to leave. This is, from sin, can not live it She struggled to swim up, if the pond can catch the edge of the stone, can step on the shallow shore of the mud, it would be safe, but finally swim in the past, but at the foot of a slip, straight into the The water. At this time, she heard the shore came Zhao Mu s roar, thinking, since the three princes come, their life must have been lost, and the hearts of a loose, hands and feet would seem to lose control of the general, Body a weight, it will completely sink down. She thought, but fortunately is already in June, this pond water is not cool, warm, actually some comfortable, and then lethargic in the past. I do not know how long, Shen Tong finally re opened his eyes. Sister, you wake up Shen Zi Yu s eyes still with tears, met her wake up, surprised fidget cube antsy and delighted. Shen Tang looked up and looked at th.Fu a ceremony, Tong children seen his father. Shen Hao Li, then paused, he looked at the slim front of the daughter, sometimes actually do not know what to say, after a long time, he was able to ask, Tang children are busy in what This seems to bring some of these words to please dry, so Shen Tong feel that some are not comfortable, she whispered fidget cube antsy back, back to his father, Tang Tong leisure time to look at the book, for painting, and not busy with some other what. He fidget cube antsy asked a strange, she was alienated, for a time the atmosphere will be some embarrassing hall. Shen Hao cough a few times, waved his hand, said, sit down and talk. Shen Tang Yingying a blessing, they sat down, a pair of bright eyes staring straight Shen Hao, waiting for him to say the next. Shen Hao heart some confusion, I do not know how the matter, every time he saw this dignified and quiet daughter, the mood is always some apprehension, even if she stood smiling, like a magnolia as quiet and beautiful, he But always inexplicable birth to the meaning of fear. He thought, perhaps because the daughter who has a Fang s charm it. On Fang s, although he never mentioned, but in the end is a shame. Juvenile husband and wife, have been loving two years, is dead in so embarrassing days, if that can be completely indifferent, it is a lied lady, in the end is a little confused. Uncle Mouguang light flash, that Houye may fidget cube for purchase intend to pipe on a tube Shen Qian slowly shook his fidget cube online fidget cube antsy lab head, is not the time.Yongning Bo just the attitude of people mind some uneasy ah He paused, Go and ask Missy to come in. Shen Tong heard the door of the door creak opened, uncle figure flashed out, then smiled and asked, Grandfather can still recover Quan Shu busy Road, Houye please Missy in. He led Shen Tong into the side, whispered, Hou Ye is Yongning Bo s visit trouble. Shen Tang brow fretted, some grateful to see the whole tert one, I know. She slowly walked to the couch, the line of fidget cube antsy a ceremony, granddaughter to the grandfather to please. Shen Qian raised his hand, fast up. Just one thing in my heart, would like to ask the views of Tang children, okay Shen Tang shallow smile, my grandfather think Tang children, is the child s blessing. Shen Qian Fu beard, look solemn, I am far from the government and fidget cube antsy the government of Yongning House is in laws, has always been with the gas with branches, common advance and retreat.But today Yongning Bo attitude is not the same as in the past, let my heart quite some Worry ah. The DPRK in this period of time to the situation, the discerning eye of a glance, the emperor is bent to support the Prince of the upper seat, for which he must strongly suppress the status of the distinguished imperial concubine and fidget cube prime style can be overshadowed Prince s three princes. The most effective means is to su.

Fidget Cube Antsy ake, Sister Bisheng just do some, it is better to follow me back to the four sister on the Bay of Laurel Purple Yu some flattered, she hesitated to glance at her eyeing Shen Ziyan Shen Zi Shu, but also looked at her as warm as the spring breeze sister, suddenly firm nodded. Shen Zi Yan angrily looked at the two hand in hand, almost to crush the silver teeth, This is when the stinky girl and Sister catch the Zi Shu shook his head, do not care authentic, Even if they come together, but also fidget cube antsy how Anyuan Hou House, the most favored lady is still your sister. Shen Zi Yan suddenly strange laughed, Well, she thought she had installed the weak daddy s pity, it is great.The loader hairpin, hum, since she wanted to wear, let her wear. Afraid fidget cube antsy of her refused to wear it Chapter XII repair Updated 2011 8 12 0 00 46 words 2379 Shen Tang smiled and pulled fidget cube relief anxiety stress Shen Zi Yu s hand, straight into the Bay of Laurel, Bi scar and Holly tightly followed. Laurel Park is considered the largest of the entire Hou Yuan Hou, the most elegant and elegant one place. When the great aunt Shen Ling was born, the room is full of incense, then happens to have a tour of the monk after a smile on his grandfather said, the Western Paradise Mountain above, there is fidget cube antsy a golden Phoenix off the ground, did not fidget cube antsy think even fell into the Shen, the future The newly born lady must be fidget cube for sensory kids expensive, the world no longer a woman can be the right. Grandfather overjoyed, they put this Gui Yuan slowly transformation.id this is to see the outside, and we are flesh and blood, aunt sent a nephew to my nephew fidget cube ebay birthday ceremony Bale. This is your second uncle s big cousin Shen Tang, this is the second cousin Shen Rong, in the past have seen, I do not know Mu children you can have the impression Zhao Mu busy Road, back to the Baihua Hui, and chen cousin sitting near, although I am older than his cousin, but talked about very well, just today, cousin came, and so will go to my Palace, and I can have a good chat. He looked toward the Shen Tang, has long been listening to the mother talked about, the second uncle had an angel like cousin home, but since childhood is not in the capital, so they have not seen too much. Mother is right, we are flesh and blood Relatives, after the cousin often have to walk in and around. To the recommended time Click on the right of the train can reach the wine rhyme rhyme Chapter 61 Ailments Last Updated 2011 9 17 13 28 11 words 2232 Shen Tang Fu a blessing the body, shallow smiles, Yes. She looked in vain to the front of the three princes Zhao Mu, he was wearing a blue embroidered bamboo Obscure Jin Pao, waist satin satin white jade girdle, wearing the head of the eight treasures of the purple crown , Looks somewhat similar with the imperial concubine, but the star eyebrow sword head, eyebrows own a fortitude of the gas. This masculine man, even able to make such a Juanxiu under the Hibiscus map to the painting, down some meaning. If not he still h.