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Amazon Fidget Cube concubine couch before moving a small embroidered pier, Shen Tong nodded his head, bowed down, softly said, Goddess face some not very good, is the rest to bad, and some tired of it Royal Royal amazon fidget cube s face a white, then is soon as a smile, Look, so obvious Shen Tang surprised, busy Road, Xu Yin is today, light is not good. Huang Royal concubine pulled up the hand, gently pinched, Good boy. She turned the face in the past, directed at the full Jade Road, the eldest girl around to bring this girl you sit there. Man Ju knowing, they put Bisheng out, by the way the hall will also wait on the other palace people have to do all out. For a time, within the main hall, it left only the imperial concubine Shen Ling and Shen Tang nephew two. Huang Yu fai quietly open, I the day before yesterday somehow, the lower body suddenly out of a lot of blood clots, full of chrysanthemum just with the paternity side, she also know the doctor, then for me Qiaoliaolv. She diagnosed the veins, dignified face, I And asked her how it was. Shen Tang is also understand the medical people, see the Royal Concubine said, the heart will play a bad premonition, she listened to Royal Concubine word by word to say, Manju amazon fidget cube said, this is the image of the child slide. Chapter sixty second chapter amazon fidget cube to see the play Updated 2011 9 18 8 00 41 words 2125 Shen Tang took a deep breath, his face more solemn expression, she felt Huang Guifei pinch his hand, more and more to some of the tight. Imperial Concubine s.k, You table master may have the habit of candle night Lu two shook his head, the table when the young master Mao will be, Xu Shi will break, is the recent day long night is short, but also the beginning of the Hai, is definitely off, and where there is the habit of candle night. Shen Tang nodded, and then turned to the other two, you two guards a West Corner door, a guard on the door, these days, who have seen nothing out of the middle of the night walking One of them replied, Hou government rules, the end of the door must be locked, after the lock, only for the urgent matter can be released, if not urgent, no master of the house on the card, no one dare to come out in the middle of the night Blind swinging. Shen Tong nodded, You have to do things cautious, which I d trust.But the so called tigers have nap time, you think about it, there is no day, is likely to omission They heard not help but startled, busy splash kneeling down, small has been conscientious and abide by this, if what is flawed, but also do not intend to whom, Missy lightly off. Shen Tang shallow smile, softly comforted, and did not have any flaws, but just unusual questioning, I asked myself, you and answer, you two do not mind in mind.Also want to think about it, there is no Days, a moment of negligence One of them heard a little peace of mind, thought, said, amazon fidget cube If there is a brief, that is uncle accident that day, and all up and down all the flustered House, we all went to the gate outside t.

go Shen Tang thought, smiled and said, You accompany me to go to Cao adults on it. Bi Sheng first some hesitation, suddenly seemed to think of something, immediately jumped up, Miss want me to see Mrs. Cao s craft Shen Tang smiled and shook his head, That day in the Qingfenglou, I hastily sent Miss Cao back, is for the rude, the total should be a good way to apologize, as to make your taste of Cao s craft that touches the second. She picked from the Treasury a few handy gift, but also confessed a few Pitt marks, then led the Bi Sheng out the door. Grandfather and grandmother had said something about it, so that grandmother also specifically called Shen Tang Shen Yi Tung, Grandma said, If something happens to go out later, do not have to return, only the same side must bring enough people. She smiled and said, but the heart was thinking, if there is anything to go out, how could bring so many tails. However, it is always good to be free and open. Ms. Cao met with Shen Tang, it is delighted, she smiled and the two will meet the Shen Tang master and servant backyard, Master this point is still too college, about to touch the evening to come back, or I let the winter Ah to him Send a letter, let him go home early, the way the little monkeys also brought back Winter House is the only coarse Cao maidservants. Shen Tang smiled and shook his head, Tong children today, is specifically to amazon fidget cube see his wife and sister Fu, and that day it is suddenly a misfortune, a last res.outing woman, is undoubtedly Ladies, but she was a mere sweep of the Old Woman, how can so much courage in the yard of the master dare clamor Look Su cousin looks like this, surely these indecent rumors have been spread throughout the Anyuan Houfu. She smiled quietly, Thank you, cousin cousin s concern, Tang Er is just something to the big brother to send something, it should be no harm. Then she turned to the direction of the Danqingyuan walked, do not care behind the Soviet Union suddenly anxious to call. Chapter 41 Persuasion Last Updated 2011 9 4 16 00 47 Word Count 2175 Shen Tang to the Dan Qingyuan the door, they heard the vaguely heard bursts of ripping sound inside, to discuss the sound and the abuse of the verbal abuse. Her brow micro wrinkle, red marks made Bi a wink. Bi marks pushed the door, the Shen Tang Road, Miss, the door was locked from the inside. Shen Tang frowned deeper, for me to open the door Bi mark is a skill of people, smashing the door of such a trivial natural hard to beat her, but a blink of an eye, which locked the courtyard will crash fidget cube red and open. Danqing yard, a group of girl is crazy also like a siege of a middle aged woman, the average fashion considered gentle fidget cube website and dexterous woman, but now one by one into a bitch, the fidget cube kickstarter for sale middle aged woman is fidget cube canada scuffle, but also kick , Bad language is heard. Flower amazon fidget cube pots, cups broken to a ground, the courtyard of the flowers have also been a calamity, but usually the most gentle and courteous amazon fidget cube Shen gloat.While you, as a mother, Even condone his disrespect for his brother, I Shen s century old wind, you have to be tired with your mother CHAPTER VIII RECOMMENDATIONS Updated 2011 8 8 8 00 15 words 2656 Qin has amazon fidget cube since married into the Anyuan Hou House, or for the first time by the mercy of such a scolding, a moment stunned, and flushed, pointing Shen Ming month speechless, you Mo see the situation is not good, they had to stand up, leaning on Shen amazon fidget cube Ming month arms, Xiao Hehe to comfort Road, Mo aunt, sit down and drink a cup of tea, is a family, what to sit down and talk , Why move the anger it Shen moon is not going to reconciliation, she Lengheng a amazon fidget cube cry, sister, you are too good, and only then Qin Yu rain so no rules, if this continues, I Shen s face, do not have to give her Discard it Qin Shen angrily, Shen Ming month, you do not insatiable, in the end who has no rules I am your sister, you are married as a sister in law son, so to me, what rules you will rule No wonder Mrs. Anboge can not tolerate you, your husband and son were implicated to be driven out of the Jiangnan. This remark greatly to the sore Shen month, is even the gentle and has always been so suddenly exposed Su face. Shen Ming Yue Nu extremely anti laugh, pointing to the Mo s Road Qin, sister in law you see, Qin Yu soft funny, sister in where can i buy a fidget cube law Oh, she was talking about Who is not the people, I Shen moon can be only two A sister in law, one is you, my brother Shen Yuan Ming media is m.

Amazon Fidget Cube d difficult examinations, even if the test passed, there is an interview, poetry and painting and riding archery arithmetic, must be proficient in two or more, this be pass. Only the big week of the top of the elite giants, only too College of recommendation, and a recommendation only once the opportunity, with this recommendation will be able to fidget cube blue directly into the College, as one of the most common students. But no matter which way to enter the College, and only the performance of particularly outstanding, in order to get the teacher s green eyes, a disciple under the teacher s seat. And Cao adults, is a teacher in the teacher, a disciple of Cao adults, is Toshihiko Toshihiko, Cao adult knowledge of the world renowned, as long as he rallying cry, the world fidget cube release s literati clean, are the first to his horse, can become His disciples under the seat, it is equal to one foot into the Albatron. Big nephew Shen Feng then, is admitted to his college too. Qin originally thought that this is because the father should amazon fidget cube recommend the opportunity to leave his son Shen Song, but who would have thought that the final profit is that sick Sicko She felt the chest burning raging anger, hatred, in this Anyuan Hou House suffered all kinds of grievances, are in the heart of Pentium surging, she biting lip, secretly vowed that he never fidget cube wish give up Quiet this week red book list, whether it is click, collection or recommendation, are hard to drop over it O o Chapter IX Rescue Last Updated 201.d seedling, but Fang Mingxuan see two girl and Shen Tang age quite, they put the two to Shen Tang for the maidservants, and From the boy to pick a double blessing to Shen Rong, four of them, Fang Mingxuan had more hard training. Two years ago, Fang Mingxuan received the secret fidget cube blue amazon fidget cube mission of the emperor, left Huainan, put the siblings entrusted to his painstaking efforts to cultivate the four. Fang Mingxuan said before leaving the emperor s task is very simple, but a come back on the matter, but unexpectedly, Shen Tang sister back is uncle broken corpse. Later, Ann Yuan Hou Qian Qian, Shen Tong sister s grandfather learned of the news, they sent to take their amazon fidget cube siblings back to the capital An Yuanhou House. Originally, they are unwilling. Then how the mother died, Shen Tang vividly, the mother died, the uncle will come back to their siblings Huainan, and An Yuan Hou House Shen, because the loss, but also did not stop, they siblings long Not to themselves as the children of Shen, and fidget cube antsy lab even some of the Shen there are so hatred. Moreover, the uncle did not marry life, dedicated to raising their siblings. Now the uncle did not, it should be the two of them to provoke the Fang s portal, this time, how can they walk away, back to the capital of Anyuan Houfu it However, the uncle s death like doubt, the uncles body to bring back the Tsing Yi Wei, the next day also disappeared, even the cause and effect have not been given. So, she still took his brother back here. An Yuan.